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2023 Interior Design Trends

Introducing our very first interior design trends blog here at HG Surface.

Over the last few years, the landscape of the market has diversified hugely, and with it, so has our business here at Team HG!.

In the early stages of the HG business, vehicle wrapping was very much at the forefront (and of course still is), where in more recent times, the architectural world has come a very integral part of what we do too. Wrapping the interiors (and exteriors) of an array of commercial premises has become the norm for us, with us working on a huge array of different environments so far in our journey.

In this piece, we are looking deeper in the top design trends of 2023 we have seen. But not only that, we’ll show you how architectural finishes can meet these in-trend designs and revitalise tired interiors.


Where else can we start than with sustainability?

Although not necessarily an aesthetical ‘trend’, it really is a key design trend for 2023 nevertheless. Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have noticed that world is going greener by the day, and this has definitely snook into interior design within commercial environments.

Organisations today really do have a corporate responsibility to incorporate eco-friendliness in terms of design elements wherever possible. Statistics actually show that the Millennial generation are willing to pay more for services by companies that are committed to creating a positive environmental impact.

Did you know, architectural wrapping can help tick that all important sustainability box for your client?

The process of wrapping means that you’re applying the films on top of existing surfaces, meaning that you are preserving substrates going to landfill unnecessarily. Why get rid of in situ substrates if they are ultimately structurally sound? There really is no need. Our message is simple, resurface with HG Surface.

The Colour Green

We’ve just touched upon the ‘green environment’ been in this year…. Well, it’s become apparent that the colour green is one of the colours of the year too, and research suggests that green is a colour that has been a key design trend for the last couple of years!

In this instance though, the research depicts an outlook that green hues will be supreme for the whole of this year, with all shades proving popular among designers of commercial spaces. The deep and calming influence the shade brings will provide stability to interior proceedings like no other.

Within our portfolio of films, there are a variety of green hues available that can add calmness, sophistication to your commercial décor. Whatever the shade of green you’re after, we can match it, and that’s a HG promise.


Texture in design has well and truly landed in 2023.

Interior designers, architects and the like are really pining over the use of natural materials in commercial spaces, with materials like wood, stone and woven fabrics turning out to be particular popular.

Clearly, finishes like this bring an undeniable dynamism to proceedings that other finishes simply don’t bring, but unfortunately the cost that the implementation these materials incur make it unviable for many.

With architectural finishes though, it turns the possibility of having these films in your commercial space very much into a realistic one.

Within our 1500+ finishes there are many wood, stone and fabric like finishes that are a fraction of the cost of the ‘real thing’, a seventh of the cost in fact to be more specific. Not only do architectural films cost far less, the look and feel of these finishes are so realistic to boot, emulating natural materials in such a realistic way.

You really do have to see it to believe it.

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One Stop Solution

A particular want in the commercial sector is for a solution that can provide a real one stop answer. Dealing with multiple tradesmen, with the cost and hassle this brings is something owners, designers, facility managers and the like do not want anymore.

This is where the possibility of using architectural wrap really does come into its own and has become a game changer.

The conformability in the film really makes wrapping a game changing solution. The films we use conform to elegantly with heat meaning the film isn’t limited to just flat surfaces, the products can in fact adhere to most surfaces, making them ideal for a whole host of different applications.

Whether that’s; walls, tables, reception desks, cabinets or much more, the opportunities are truly endless. The fact the film can go onto so many different surfaces means the product is perfect for an array of different sectors in the commercial environment.

With this method, multiple tradesmen are simply not required.

Statement Stones

Statement stone finishes that are crafted with the intention of drawing your eye are on a major rise at the moment.

Drilling more specifically into specific finishes, marble and concrete really are making a mark in 2023 thus far. As touched upon, marbles are really popular right now, although the expense is putting some commercial environments off, where concrete is becoming the go-to material, with robust, industrial finishes being very much in.

What if I was to tell you that you can replicate concrete and marble look and feels with a self-adhesive film?

The range of finishes we use have an abundance of both marble and concrete patterns that replicate the look and feel of the real thing perfectly.

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That brings us to the end of the 2023 design trends blog. Those were our top five design trends for the coming year. Feeling Inspired? Got your creative juices flowing? Why not check out what else is possible with architectural finishes by heading over to our dedicated inspiration page.

Be inspired by the possibilities in architectural wrapping.