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5 Reasons Why We Wrap Building Exteriors

Here at HG Surface, we make no secret about the fact we love getting involved in exterior wrapping projects, and it’s something we do consider ourselves expert in, having completed numerous exterior jobs over the last few years.

We get it, exterior wrapping isn’t for everyone, but given the fact we’re ‘Propa Yorkshire’ and not scared of the cold and wet, it certainly is for us. But, above all else, exterior wrapping provides our clients with a fantastic alternative solution to more traditional methods of refurbishing.

When it comes to the benefits of an exterior wrap, there are so many for your commercial building, and in this blog, we are going to home in on 5 key reasons why you should be considering our solution for your next exterior refurbishment.

All year-round solution

Let’s face it, the weather in the UK is a bit rubbish, isn’t it?

Not only does this make a lot of our year miserable weather wise, but it also has connotations when it comes to the refurbishment of the exterior of your commercial building too!

For instance, let’s take paint for example, this really isn’t a viable option for 6 months of the year (or perhaps more) as you can’t apply paint in the wet. With our exterior films, this isn’t problem as you can apply the product whatever the conditions. Our products are preferably applied wet and can also be applied in colder conditions which is great news for architects, building owners and the like in the UK, providing an alternative solution to refreshing your exteriors whenever you like.

Trusted Solution

When we first started using and pitching the concept of wrapping buildings to our clients, one of the main blockers was that the product was new and ultimately not trusted which made convincing our customers very challenging at the time.

Thankfully, that time has now past, with the word of architectural wrapping exteriors very much out there and is proven to work. That’s right, as touched upon in the intro, the HG Surface team have worked on so many of these projects and have successfully completed multiple cladding wrapping refurbishments with great results, working with some of the biggest brands in the UK along the way.

Not only are the customers sold on the concept now, but they can have the ultimate trust in the application when dealing with HG Surface. The accreditations the HG team have picked up in regard to exterior wrapping mean that you can rest assure that the application will be completed expertly.

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Minimal Disruption

No drying time. No noise. Minimal disruption.

This is the ultimate results of using a wrapping solution for your next exterior refurbishment, which is no doubt music to the ears of owners and facility managers.

With more traditional methods, there is a lot more disruption to business. For instance, you may have to closure your business, alternatively with architectural wrap, you can literally go about your working day as normal whilst the application is taking place.

As long as the correct safety measures are taken where the given application is, you literally wouldn’t know the refresh was going on. Also, the speed of install is very fast, so before you know it, you’ll have a brand-new exterior outlook.

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How long will it last? Is one of the first questions we get, and we completely understand why. Commercial refurbs are a big headache as they are, you don’t want to be adding to this and revisiting this in just a year or two, do you?

In exterior film, you certainly have a product that is there for the long term. Here at HG, we are big believers in using the best-in-class products, to bring the best results possible and in the exterior products we use, we certainly have that. Once applied, the films we use have a minimal life expectancy of 10 years, meaning unlike paint, you won’t need multiple applications or maintenance.

The product is there to stay, and that’s a HG promise.

Paint- Like Finish

There really are no boundaries when it comes to this solution.

Despite the fact there are standard colours in our exterior film portfolio, we also have the ability to cater for any colour requirement our corporate clients have on larger projects. With RAL colour matching also available, we can meet the demands of brand guidelines on any of the wrapping we do to the exterior of the building. Whatever your brand colours are, we can match it.

The exterior offering doesn’t end there from an aesthetical point of view either. You can either get textured finishes like wood grain, metallic and stone if you are looking for something a little bit different too.

This brings us to the conclusion of our ‘5 reasons why we wrap building exteriors’ blog. It’s been brilliant to see the growth of exterior wrapping in recent times, and this piece really does only just scratch the surface to why this is a great option for commercial building owners.

Have an exterior refurbishment coming up, and would like to explore the possibility of architectural wrap as a refurb solution? Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at hello@teamhg.co.uk, we would love to hear from you.

Be inspired by the possibilities in architectural wrapping.