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3M DI-NOC Provides the Answer for International Auto Show


With the 2017 International Auto Show on the horizon, a design centrepiece was required to complete the interior aspirations of the Lexus showroom for the show.


The client wanted to recreate the look and feel of a wood effect to hanging aluminium spindles.


HG Surface and 3M DI-NOC Architectural Film was sought out to complete this project.

 HG Surface helped create a design masterpiece for the 2017 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The Project

In 2017 the HG team got tasked with an innovative project where Lexus Detroit required a very specific look to help round off their centrepiece for the International Auto Show. The client required a product that could transform aluminium spindles into a wood like finish which would be suspended above the spotlight floor. With only a few weeks to spare in terms of a deadline, time was really against the team to deliver this solution for the world-renowned show. There was only product for the job, 3M DI-NOC Architectural Film.

‘’Soon as we got speaking to our client, it was very apparent that Architectural Film was going to be the answer. The client had concerns how real wood would travel to Detroit, concerns which were immediately banished when we pitched the idea of wrapping the existing aluminium spindles. In 3M DI-NOC Architectural Film, we knew we had a product that could deliver.” Said Gavin Cocliff, Owner of HG Surface.

Gavin continued: ”When it came to selecting a wood finish, 3M DI-NOC have so many great wood finishes to choose from we were always going to be able to find one to meet the clients’ aspirations, which we did very swiftly.’’

The Application

In terms of the application itself, the aluminium spindles were transported to the HQ of HG Surface where there the 3M DI-NOC Endorsed team got to work on applying the Architectural Film to spindles, before then eventually being transported to the Detroit show room.

Gavin added: ‘’Being able to apply the Aluminium spindles here at our unit made things even easier. As for 3M DI-NOC itself, it was fantastic to work with as always. The air release technology the product has makes the application very quick and easy, and as we expected the product applied perfectly.’’

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The Results

In terms of the results of the project, they were very pleasing in every way possible. The leading-edge product 3M DI-NOC brought a high-end, realistic look that helped bring together the centrepiece area of the show.

‘’When the spindles were installed, they were everything we hoped for and so, so much more from an aesthetical point of view. As the centrepiece of the show, there was that added pressure for the look to be spot on and the 3M DI-NOC wood finish really did deliver. Our clients were delighted with the results and said the spindles made the environment, which is great to hear.’’ Said Gavin.

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This project perfectly encapsulates 3M DI-NOC Architectural Film. In many cases DI-NOC is used to refresh existing surfaces or used because it’s easier than more traditional methods of refurbishing and can be a ‘budget’ friendly option for many. 3M DI-NOC, as shown in this install is so much more than that. Here, DI-NOC has been used in a high-end set design as part of a centrepiece element of a show. DI-NOC is a highly engineered, durable film that is not only outstanding from a performance point of view, is also aesthetical mesmerising, perfectly replicating the look and feel of natural materials.

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