HG | Surface

HG | Surface

HG Surface and 3M DI-NOC take glamping pods to a new level


To restyle decommissioned aircrafts into high-end glamping pods. Sky Pod needed to keep the charm of the aircraft but create a premium interior and exterior space without adding too much weight, cost or waste to their bespoke builds.


Finding suitable materials to use within the decommissioned aircrafts to create custom and unique experiences that help bring the customers visions to life..


3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes offered beauty and practicality in a challenging space. It has transformed a previously discarded structure bound for landfill into an aspirational glamping pod with a new lease on life.

Sky Pod, a company founded in 2019 are pioneers of the ultimate upcycling product, turning decommissioned aircrafts into high-end glamping pods, garden offices and media rooms. Born out of a project with the sister company FlyMe, Sky Pods goal is to transform decommissioned aircrafts into brand-new state of the art products.

The Project

In December 2020, Mike Hyde of Sky Pods had an opportunity with one of their products, glamping pods. As outlined, Mike develops beautiful, customisable glamping pods for his customers, however, the lack of design and colour in an aircraft makes for a blank canvas, where the team really wanted a solution that was able to bring their clients visions to life for this project. The customer in question wanted a high-end sophisticated look without sacrificing the durability and cleanability of the pod.

As a result, Mike and the Sky Pods team sought after 3M DI-NOC Architectural Film, a durable flexible film that could be used on a whole host of surfaces within the interior of the glamping pods, not forgetting the exterior of the pods too. With regard to installation, ourselves (HG Surface) were selected for the installation of this project.

Finishes Selected

In terms of the finishes selected for this product, there was quite a mix of finishes used within the interior and exterior of this project. These are outlined below.

Exterior Cladding- FW-7009EX

Exterior Window Frames- LE-703EX

Interior Headboard- SU-2232MT

Interior Ceiling- DW-2214MT

Interior Door – AE-1944MT

Sink- VM-381

Interior Walling- ME-1467

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The Results

3M DI-NOC Architectural Film was used to great effect on this project, eloquently transforming the exterior and interior of these unique structure. The expert application from the HG Surface team allowed DI-NOC to convert the aircraft fuselage into a refined relaxing and elegant space. By using a palette of wood, suede, stone, metal and leather, they were able to deliver sophistication in a space that is easy to clean, maintain and repair and was hassle free to install.

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HG Surface

“Adding colour and texture to Sky Pods has always been our challenge, but DI-NOC delivers beautiful and practical solutions”
Mike Hyde, Sky Pods

Before Before
After After

The Feedback

The feedback from Mike from Sky Pods was a really positive one. He had this to say; ‘DI-NOC gives us the option to change the aircraft whilst maintaining the core look and integrity of the aeroplane but with the option of lots of different styles that are bespoke to our customers’ needs.’’

‘’Our customers are blown away by 3M DI-NOC Architectural Film, I don’t think they ever considered having the inside of a pod wrapped till they saw this, and straight away they loved the colours and texture, they didn’t even want to change a single thing. We really needed a hard wearing and easy to maintain product, whilst still providing us with a high-quality look and feel, and DI-NOC has been able to provide all of the above. ‘’