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High School Architectural Wrap Refurbishment


To refurbish multiple areas within the school environment, giving the interior setting a new look and feel.


The main challenge for this project was to find a solution that could bring the durability that was required along with the desired design aesthetic. .


To meet both the aesthetical and functional objectives this job had, a wood grain architectural wrap was selected to help meet the goals and objectives of the school.

Schools are environments that have a high level of traffic and as a result, can take a lot of maintaining if the correct products aren’t used, so when it comes to a refurbishments, it’s essential that it is done right and with the correct products. Within the experiences the HG Surface team have encountered over the years, architectural wrapping is the perfect solution.

Following the conclusion of the academic year in July, Brigshaw High School in Castleford were requiring a refurbishment in their internal environment and sought out the HG team to bring their functionality and design aspirations to life.

The challenge

This job was unquestionably a challenging one for the HG Surface team. First and foremost, it was a big one, with a requirement for architectural wrap to be used on columns throughout the school as well as wrapping a cabinet and a reception desk, some of which were challenging substrates that would test the skill set of the team.

‘’It was clear from our first conversation with the school’s senior management that architectural wrap was going to be the perfect solution for this project. The products we use really are strong and durable, so there were no concerns at all regarding potential upkeep following the install, and not only this, they were blown away by the speed of installation and more specifically, how quickly we could get this job done.’’ Said Gavin Cocliff, Owner of HG Surface.

Gavin added, ‘’Once using architectural film was signed off, it was then all about what finishes were going to be used. In terms of finishes, it was evident quite quickly that only one finish was going to be used as they wanted a consistent finish used across the array of substrates wrapped. Following a look through the pattern books, a light wood grain finish was selected for this project, which would bring a real sense of realism to proceedings.’’

The Project

Following a site survey and a clear plan of action laid out by the HG Surface team, it was application time. To prevent disruption to the academic day, as well as taking into consideration the health and safety of the pupils, the project was completed in both the evenings and school holidays. The application took 2 installers a total of 6 days to complete, with over 130 metres of architectural film used in total.

The Results

Architectural wrapping was used to great effect on this project, with the internal environment of the high school being totally transformed by the application of the wood grain film. The clients of HG were that impressed by the application they have asked the team to come back to do more in regards to another area of the school.

‘’We were really pleased with how this project went and even more delighted with how happy the client was with the results too. The job wasn’t without its challenges though, and our project management skills really had to come to the floor, with managing the logistics of the process not being easy with us having to spread the work across multiple days and ensuring the refurb didn’t impact the school. The application of certain substrates was tough too, meaning that we really had to ensure that the correct installation methods were carried out.’’ Said Gavin.

Why Architectural Film

Architectural wrapping is the perfect solution for commercial refurbishments, especially for public sector establishments like a school. Not only does the product have flexibility in terms of design and application possibilities, as touched upon, the films really are up to the rigours of the day-to-day traffic this kind of setting endures. In addition, despite the high end look and feel architectural films bring, wrapping is very much a cost-effective approach when it comes to redesign, typically being 7 times less expensive than more traditional methods of refurbishing. The ultimate one-stop solution.

This brings us to the conclusion of the write up on this school refurbishment project. Although the utilisation of architectural wrapping is perfect for this environment, it isn’t the only application that is perfect for wrap. The flexibility in the products mean that this solution is great for a variety of applications, in an array of different sectors. Check out our inspiration section to see what else is possible.

Want to explore the possibility of using architectural wrap in an upcoming project? Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at hello@teamhg.co.uk.

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