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Ibis Hotel Refurb With Architectural Wrap


Ibis Hotel were looking to transform some bi folding doors that were situated within the restaurant environment of the hotel, alongside having another aspiration to rejuvenate the bar area.


Although there was a clear requirement from the client of HG to have this refurbishment completed, the customer wanted a resurfacing solution as the structures in place were sound, with the cost and hassle of a rip out and replace really not necessary.


Following some digital research completed by the hotels facilities manager, the concept of wrapping was discovered and then were HG Surface. Following a consultation, architectural film was used for the refurbishment.

Despite the challenges involved, and the headaches refurbishments can cause, hotel refurbishments are an absolute necessity if you want to keep your hotel looking in vogue to potential customers.

Finding a solution that can have minimal impact on the running of your hotel is tough, but it’s even tougher to find a refurbishment solution that can tick this box but can also save costs whilst still bringing scintillating high-end results.

In architectural wrapping, you really have the ultimate one stop solution that bring all your refurbishment aspirations to life. For this particular project the HG Surface team have completed a refresh for Ibis Hotel in the heart of the city centre of Leeds and is a job that encapsulates the utilisation of architectural film perfectly.


The Enquiry

When it comes to getting architectural wrapping specified, it really can be a difficult challenge. However, on this occasion, selling the concept to the client was not required by the HG team as they had done their own digital research and had reached out to a supplier of architectural film who recommended the endorsed HG team.

‘’It was really refreshing to deal with a customer who had already done their own research and was sold on the concept of wrap. The original enquiry was all around the bi folding doors within the restaurant setting, that really just needed a bit of a refresh rather than a messy, disruptive and costly replacement,’’ Said Lauren Siddons, Director of HG Surface.


Lauren continued ‘’The next stage of the process was to look at the pattern book, to see what finish would be appropriate for the doors. Our client was amazed by the 100s of possibilities that were possible with architectural films, but also by the realism in the finish too. Following this process, a lovely copper architectural film was selected as the pattern of choice.’’

The Project

Following the completion of a site assessment and presentation of the works, the installation went ahead, with the endorsed installation team completing the job efficiently, with stunning results that the Ibis Hotel were delighted with.

The client of HG was that happy with the results, they came back for more, and decided to wrap their wine rack and bar within the hotel too. These substrates were wrapped in a green soft touch and wood grain finish which again brought huge pleasure to the clients of HG.

Lauren added, ‘’This job really does showcase exactly what architectural film is all about and it is a huge testament to our team that they wanted to expand on the job we initially completed. As well as this, this job demonstrates the power of architectural wrap in terms of the application possibilities, with the flexibility in the film allowing for the adhering to so many different surfaces.’’

Hotel Refurbishments with Film

As touched upon earlier in this case study, when it comes to architectural film there are so many different benefits that architectural wrapping can offer in the commercial setting.

With architectural wrapping still a relatively new concept, yesteryears have seen more traditional methods of refurbishing utilised, with a rip out and replace favoured. However, this method can cause so much pain to hoteliers and the like despite its positives, as it can be very disruptive in the short and long term.

Architectural film can go a long way to taking this pain away. The application of these products is so seamless you almost wouldn’t realise a refurbishment was taking place, and it would be over before you knew it. With this method of refurbishment there would be no need to have any full closures, saving stress, time and money, whilst bringing scintillating results.

Before Before
After After

This wraps up this Ibis Hotel case study. We hope this project review gives you a good insight into what’s possible with architectural film, but if you are left wanting to discover more around this concept in this environment, please do check out the dedicated inspiration page here: https://hgsurface.com/inspiration/hotel-applications/.

Have a project in mind where you would like to explore the possibility of Architectural Wrapping? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing us at hello@teamhg.co.uk, or calling us on 01977 651 017.

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