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KIA Coventry Showroom Refurbishment


To bring an exterior and interior transformation to the dealership, with a jet gloss black aesthetic brought to the cladding and a white aluminium look to the internal window frames.


A requirement for one solution to not only match the RAL colour brand guidelines for the cladding but also, a product that could conform to the interior window frames.


Following the success of a previous KIA dealership refurb, and the conforming capabilities of architectural wrap, HG Surface was again selected to deliver the goals of the client.

The HG Surface team have completed an impressive exterior and interior refurbishment of a KIA dealership in Sutton Park, Coventry, to help meet the new brand guidelines the company has.

The project

Brand guidelines are very important for businesses, they provide a foundation and bring consistency to proceedings. As touched upon, KIA dealerships up and down the country are currently rebranding their showrooms from the signature red to a gloss black finish. This job done by the HG team was in fact the 2nd KIA dealership in the country to be wrapped, following on from the success of the 1st wrap refurb at Sutton Coldfield.

‘’The feedback we got from the Sutton Coldfield job was great, and we were delighted when KIA got in touch to say that they would utilise our services again for the Sutton Park site. As KIA had already seen the concept of wrapping work in the previous job, we didn’t have to pitch the solution to the client, as they were already completely sold on the concept, which always makes things a lot easier. The client required the cladding to be transformed to a gloss black, with the internal window frames wrapping in a white aluminium,’’ Said Gavin, Owner of HG Surface.

Gavin continued, ‘’Despite the clarity in our clients’ minds in terms of going ahead with the job, we stayed true to our methods, as we very much believe in going above and beyond for our clients. Before we got on with the job in hand, we conducted a site survey and delivered a presentation to our client, outlining the process and timeline of the project, with this also giving them the opportunity to ask any questions they had.’’


Prior to the application of architectural film onto a commercial buildings’ exterior, preparation is absolutely key. Preparation of a surface ensures that the wrapping material utilised will adhere properly to the surface of a building, creating a seamless and durable finish. Without doing the necessary preparation, the material utilised may not ‘stick’ to the surface sufficiently, leading to peeling and cracking over time. Additionally, good prep allows for any surface imperfections or damage to be addressed before the wrapping material is applied, ensuring the final result looks clean and professional.

‘’As always with exterior wrapping projects we get involved in, the preparation of the exterior surfaces is a crucial phase of the whole job, and this was no different. The surface in situ needed a thorough wash and clean as it had significant dirt and grit on the cladding which would have affected the bond. We then needed to fill existing holes on the cladding and further prep on some pre-existing marks on the surface too. Once this was all complete, we did an adhesion test, and the job was good to go.’’  Said Gavin.


The application itself, including all the preparation work and after project checks took approximately 5 weeks to complete, with over 310 metres of exterior wrap film used to complete the job of wrapping both the exterior cladding and internal window frames. The slick gloss black brought a pristine finish to the showroom, with the transformation to the window frames being just as impressive, receiving great reviews from the client. Off the back of this job, HG have many more KIA dealers booking the team in to help bring their new brand guidelines to life.

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Why Rebranding With Film

This project is yet another example of a commercial businesses turning to exterior wrap to implement branding changes and there is a multitude of reasons to why that is happening. One of the top reasons is that this wrapping solution represents a cost-effective way to give buildings a fresh look without the need for a complete renovation.

The colour matching capabilities exterior wrap is another big factor, allowing to meet the aspirations of any project. Finally, the products are there to stay, lasting up to 10 years, meaning once applied the building is set to look great for years to come, without the need of frequent touch ups or maintenance. Wrapping provides the ultimate cost-effective customizable, and durable solutions for commercial buildings to rebrand their exterior outlook.

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After After

This brings us to the close of another successful refurbishment of a KIA dealership.

Interested in finding out more about how we can transform your building with film? Or, have a project in mind where you think exterior wrapping could be utilised? Drop us a line at hello@teamhg.co.uk.

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