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KIA Dublin Exterior Wrap


To transform the white exterior cladding of the showroom to a silver finish that met the brand guidelines of KIA.


The main challenge of this project was going to be the project management of the job itself, with the logistics going to be a significant obstacle to overcome and finding a partner over there to accommodate us to source, store and supply us with material and tools .


Following the success of previous KIA dealership refurbishments in the UK, and the wrapping boxes ticked for KIA, HG Surface was again selected to deliver the rebranding goals the company had. A partner in the form of Ian Scouler and his team over at Material Solutions in Dublin, proved imperative to allow a smooth overseas installation.

The HG Surface team have gone overseas and travelled to Ireland to complete an exterior cladding refurbishment of KIA’s store in Dublin.   

KIA are currently in the midst of a company rebrand, as a result, all their dealerships around the UK having been going through the process of transforming their exteriors through the help of architectural wrap and the HG team. As a result of these projects, KIA Dublin reached out to HG to complete an exterior refurb of their showroom. 

The Project

This project was a particularly poignant one for both the HG Surface team and KIA themselves, as although HG Surface had completed multiple KIA showrooms previously, this was the teams very first overseas exterior wrap project and is also the very first exterior wrap of a KIA store in the whole of Ireland.  

‘’This project was one of the biggest we have worked on to date, and when I say that I mean that in terms of both size of installation, and the magnitude of the whole operation. The fact that this job was in Dublin brought challenges that we have not necessarily coming up against before. From the time frames, to getting the lads there and with tools, along with a host of other factors, there really was a lot to consider when taking on this job,’’ said Lauren, HG Surface Director.     

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Lauren added, ‘’But one thing I have learnt over the course of my time at HG, is that we never ever step away from a challenge and this project was yet another fitting example of just that. The job itself came about following our success in aiding KIA rollout their rebrand around the UK, with KIA Dublin getting in touch to bring their aspirations to life. Following a quick consultation process, the job got the go ahead and we got to work on how we were going to pull this one off.’’   

The Application

In terms of the application, this was completed in just 2 weeks by the HG Surface installation team, using a total of 315 metres of exterior vinyl to bring the desired results to life.

‘’Once we had flown the team over to Dublin, collected the car and met with the suppliers, Material Solutions in Dublin, to collect the material and tools, the lads got cracking with the job in hand. The team started off by prepping the surfaces that were going to be resurfaced before then beginning the application of architectural film to the building’s exterior. Despite the size of this job, we managed to get it done in just 2 weeks, which meant that we were a whole week ahead of the schedule initially outlined,’’ said Lauren  

Lauren continued, ‘’The fact we managed to get the job completed in this time really is testament to the team. At HG, we say to think of us as your very own project management team, and we completely take hold of jobs like this from start to finish which allows us to oversee and complete installations in such an effective and efficient fashion.’’ 

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In terms of the finished result of the exterior wrap, it is safe to say that the client of HG Surface was delighted with how the project ended up. Not only did the project finish well ahead of schedule and minimise the impact to the day to day running of the showroom, but the exterior had now been totally transformed with a more modern feel brought to proceedings. 

Exterior Wrapping

This project is yet another example of a commercial property utilising exterior wrap to implement branding changes and there is a multitude of reasons as to why so many commercial businesses are selecting this method over more traditional refurb solutions. One of the top reasons is that this wrapping solution represents a cost-effective way to give buildings a fresh look without the need for a complete renovation. 

The colour matching capabilities of exterior wrap is another crucial factor, allowing us to meet the aspirations of any project.  

Finally, the products are there to stay, lasting up to 10 years, meaning once applied the building is set to look great for years to come, without the need of frequent touch ups or maintenance. In addition, wrapping provides the ultimate cost-effective offering, and a durable solution for commercial buildings to rebrand their exterior outlook. 

Before Before
After After

This brings us to the close of our first overseas KIA exterior wrap. 

Interested in finding out more about how we can transform your building with film? Or, have a project in mind where you think exterior wrapping could be utilised? Drop us a line at hello@teamhg.co.uk. 

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