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KIA Sutton Coldfield Showroom Refurbishment


To overhaul the KIA dealerships silver exterior aesthetic to a gloss black finish that was in line with the company’s new brand guidelines.


The dealership required a refurbishment that could be completed without having a large impact on the day to day running of their business. .


Architectural finishes was selected as the refurbishment solution to bring the desired look to the building.

The HG Surface team have been to the midlands of the UK to complete an exterior showroom refurbishment for the automobile manufacturer KIA.

KIA are currently in the midst of a company rebrand, as a result all of their dealerships around the country need refurbishing from an exterior perspective with a brand-new gloss black finish that underpins the new brand colours.

The Project

This project was a particularly poignant one for both the HG Surface team and KIA themselves, as although HG Surface have completed many exterior wrapping projects previously, this was not only the 2nd KIA showroom to be refurbished to the new brand guidelines of black, but the very first in the country that was wrapped.

‘’The utilisation of architectural wrap made so much sense for the Sutton Coldfield KIA branch. The concept brings so many benefits from a business point of view for a dealership like this, from the minimum downtime to the cost savings, to the immaculate paint like finish this method offers. Not only that, the dealership wanted their window frames refreshing too, and the ability the products have to conform to these surfaces cemented the decision of wrap being selected,’’ Said Gavin, Owner of HG Surface.

Gavin continued, ‘’As we always do here at HG, we conducted a site survey before getting on with the application. The site survey allowed us to thoroughly map out the execution of the job itself, and at this stage of the process we delivered a presentation to the client so they could see exactly what the process would be, simultaneously giving them the opportunity to ask any questions they had.’’

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The Application

In total, over 165 metres of vinyl was used to complete the installation, which took 6 weeks to complete, including all the prep work of the substrates and the application of the film itself.

‘’Following the site survey, it was very evident that the preparation work on the exterior surfaces was going to be a crucial part of the job, and this proved to be the case. We started off by cleaning and washing the cladding before conducting extra prep work, filling holes where the old signage had been removed. Finally, before starting to apply the film, we completed a preinstall adhesion test, which was passed with flying colours,’’ Said Gavin.

Gavin continued, ‘’We then got to work on the application of the cladding and window frames. Thanks to the strength of the project management skills of our team, coupled with their accredited application skills, the job went perfectly to plan, with the job being completed in 6 weeks.’’

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The Results

In terms of the finished result of the exterior wrap, it’s safe to say that the client of HG Surface were delighted with how the project ended up. Not only did the finish mimic the desired branding, but the exterior now looked totally transformed, with a much more modernised aesthetic brought to proceedings.

More evidence of how well the job went was that since the completion of the job, the HG team have had multiple enquiries and jobs booked in from other KIA dealers, as they look to go with a wrap refurbishment over the previously favoured spray-painting method.

Before Before
After After

This brings us to the conclusion of yet another exterior project completed by the HG Surface team.

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