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Opticians revamped with HG Surface


The ultimate objective for TEK Contracts was to bring a new design aesthetic to the interior of the shop, with the current interior décor looking very tired and dated, with an evident need of a big refresh.


Although it was clear that the opticians needed a new look, the opticians didn’t want to spend a fortune on the refurbishment, coupled with a need for the refurbishment to not take too long, to help minimise the losses incurred with the shop being closed for a prolonged period.


It was decided following a consultation that an architectural wrapping solution could help meet the goals and objectives the opticians had.

When it comes to refurbishments in the retail sector, there really is a lot to consider. From thinking about the design schemes, to the necessary durability required, and even the effect this has on the shops ability to trade.

This review of a refurbishment project in the retail environment is a great example of how to effectively revitalise the interior environment, with the clients in this case E & G Opticians having their redesigning aspirations met with architectural film.

The Challenge

The ultimate challenge for TEK Contracts was they had become very much tired of their dated interior design. Despite this, it was very evident that the substrates were structurally sound and didn’t necessarily need replacing, with more of an actual need for the surfaces to have a facelift. Following a consultation process with the HG Surface team, it was quickly distinguished that wrapping would be the way to go.

‘’As soon as we got talking to the clients on this one, it was really obvious that architectural wrap was going to be the solution selected. The surfaces themselves might have had an old-fashioned feel about them, but there was nothing wrong with them structurally wise. Once we pitched the concept of wrapping and drove home benefits like the lack of disruption, design potential, durability and overall cost savings, they were totally sold,’’ Said Lauren Siddons, HG Surface Director.

Lauren continued, ‘’The conversations then transferred more specifically in regard to the design aesthetic. From the outset the client made it abundantly clear that they wanted the room to become more lighter and brighter in comparison to what was in situ, which ended up with them choosing to replace the red timber detailing with a new and more modern textured light timber effect.’’

The Project

Following the conclusion of the consultation process and the selection of the wood grain finish, the HG Surface team put a timeline plan in place, and then it was very much application time. 40 metres of architectural film was applied through the store’s reception area and shop furniture to great effect, taking just 2 installers 3 days to complete the fitting.

‘’The application itself wasn’t the easiest, as many of the substrates our installation team were applying the film to were quite intrinsic, making the job quite a technical install. Despite this, the team used all of their endorsed expertise to negate these challenges and complete a successful install.’’ Said Lauren.

The Results

The results were very much both what the HG Surface team and the opticians were hoping for and more, with the very same substrates being totally transformed with the wood grain architectural film.

‘’The results were extremely effective, and our clients were over the moon, which was of course was the most important thing. Not only did they love the new look, but they were also very happy with the fact it only took 3 days, and their space was completely transformed, with the shop being able to get back up and running straight away,’’ Said Lauren.

Lauren added, ‘’This project really does show why wood grains are the most common pattern utilised in architectural wrapping projects. They are so extremely forgiving, as well as especially textured, when the substrate you’re applying to have been in situ a little while and perhaps not the freshest, wood grain finishes really do have the ability to hide a multitude of sins and look amazing whilst doing so.’’

This brings us to the conclusion of this case study with TEK Contracts. This job has presented the concept of wrapping and its flexibility, but the possibilities really don’t stop here.  Be inspired by what is possible with architectural wrapping by visiting our dedicated inspiration page here: https://hgsurface.com/inspirations/.

If you have a project in mind where you think Architectural Film could be perfect? Get in touch by emailing us at hello@teamhg.co.uk, or calling us on 01977 651 017.

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