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Pendragon BYD Exterior Refurb for Launch


The opening of the dealership was just a couple of weeks away and they needed a refurbishment solution that could bring the desired look to the building’s exterior in time for the grand reveal.


The main challenge for the showroom was the timescales involved. To reach the dealerships objectives vs the time to the opening made it a very tricky and time pressured operation.


With the challenge in mind, Pendragon turned to the HG Surface team to implement an architectural wrapping refurbishment solution that could tick both the aesthetical and time management boxes the dealership had.

The HG Surface team have once again completed an exterior refurbishment of a showroom dealership through the utilisation of architectural wrapping, this time for Pendragon BYD Birmingham.

This project was a very unique one for Team HG as this site was one of two dealerships opening that were going to be the first in the country to be showrooms dedicated completely to EV’s (electronic vehicles), signifying a poignant moment in the vehicle industry.


Although exterior wrap projects and tight deadlines are something the HG Surface team are very much adverse too, this project proved to be the teams biggest challenge yet in terms of timescales as there was only two weeks till the grand opening of the showroom when the enquiry came in. Project management skills, and more specifically managing the expectations of the client was always going to be key in this project.

‘’This was one of the most difficult jobs we have had to do so far due to the very challenging timescales that were in place. The grand opening was just around the corner and the requirements were very significant with the client wanting their main tower and side elevation wrapping in an anthracite grey, with the exterior window frames also wrapping in a cool grey finish,’’ Said Gavin Cocliff, Owner of HG Surface.

Gavin continued, ‘’Following an internal conversation, we quickly realised that pulling all of this off was just not going to be achievable for the grand opening, but we did have a work around plan that the client was more than happy with. We decided that we were going to prioritise wrapping the main tower ready for the opening, as this tower was the centre piece of the dealership’s exterior. Once this was done and the showroom was open, we then agreed to return to wrap the side elevation and window frames.’’


Following a site survey and presentation to the client on how the project would be mapped out, it was application time for the HG Surface team. As planned, the front tower was wrapped for the big launch in just a couple of days by the team, with 54 SQM of anthracite grey used to wrap the tower. Once the launch had completed, the team returned to wrap the side tower which spanned 48 SQM, as well as wrapping the window frames in the cool grey finish.

In just 4 weeks (from initial enquiry to completion) the whole job was completed, with 3 installers from the HG team working on the job, bringing a turn around that is truly unrivalled by any other solution.

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The Results

Not only did the planning and execution of this job go to plan, but the client was also delighted with the results of the application by the HG Surface team. The finish mimicked the desired look and feel expertly, and the exterior looked totally transformed, bringing a much slicker and more modernised feel to proceedings.

Gavin added: ‘’We were delighted that the plan went exactly to plan. Many would turn this kind of job down, but we love a challenge at HG, and saw this as a project we could make work, which we did. The client was delighted with the results too which makes this job even more satisfying for us as a team.’’

Why is showroom wrapping is becoming so popular?

Over recent times, the appetite for showrooms to utilise a wrapping solution for their refurbishments has risen dramatically, and it’s really easy to see why.

As touched upon, the solution of showroom wrapping is now trusted in the UK as it continues to grow, as some of the biggest brands are utilising this method of refurbishing or rebranding, with Kia a great example of this. Not only do dealerships trust the concept, wrapping saves dealerships money, allowing for a new and modern look without the having to endure much downtime, with the biproduct of this being business can continue on as normal.

Whatever the time of the year, a cladding wrapping refurbishment can be executed by the HG Surface team. For other solutions like paint for example your window of opportunity is much smaller, with almost half of the year not being suitable for such an application. Exterior architectural wrapping materials can be applied in cooler conditions and in the wet, which is great news for architects, buildings owners and the like in this country where the weather at times can be more adverse than anything else.

The films are there to stay too. Having high adhesion onto difficult cladding substrates such as plastics, aluminium, uncoated and coated steel and reinforced facade panels – Exterior Film is an excellent alternative to paint.  Once applied it has a life expectancy of over 10 years, meaning unlike paint it won’t need multiple applications or maintenance.

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This project really is a great example of going that extra mile for your client and ensuring that the result is delivered despite barriers that may be put in your way.

Interested in finding out more about how HG can transform your building with film? Or, have a project in mind where you think exterior wrapping could be utilised? Drop them a line at hello@teamhg.co.uk.

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