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Production Park Internal Doors Refurbed with Wrap


Production Park had 14 internal doors in their HQ that were structurally sound but had become tired and dated overtime, subsequently meaning they required a change.


The client didn’t want to get rid of the doors, but required a refurbishment product that was aesthetically pleasing, but also robust and durable..


Architectural Wrapping was selected as the chosen solution, and the HG Surface team was sought out to manage the project from start to finish.

Through the application of Architectural Wrapping, HG Surface have helped Pontefract based Production Park transform 14 of their internal doors at their HQ, giving the doors a completely new look and feel.

Production Park is the worlds premier campus for entertainment technology, with the company getting involved in some of the largest events around the world. Team HG and Production Park are no strangers to one another, with each companies’ HQ’s being just a stones’ through away, and the two organisations have worked together multiple times over recent years on some great projects.

The Project

The project itself involved the need for refurbishing 14 internal doors within the Production Park HQ that over time had become more and more outdated, with the grey paintwork even beginning to look very unkept.

‘’As soon as Production Park mentioned they had some internal doors they wanted changing, we immediately knew that Architectural Film was a real no brainer for this project. The doors were structurally sound and just needed a little bit of TLC rather than being ripped out and replaced. The only query the client had been with the durability of the film, but once we showed them the product bulletin and outlined the products 10-year durability as well as the robustness, these fears were quashed.’’ Said Gavin, Owner of Team HG.

Gavin continued ‘’In terms of a finish, the client required a wood grain finish, and this is where Architectural Film really comes into its own as there are 100’s of finishes to choose from in the wood grain range. Once seeing a selection of wood finishes, the clients were loving the realism in the grains of the woods, and quickly picked out a finish for the project.’’

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The Application

Once the project was signed off and the finishes were selected, it was application time. The application itself was completed with minimal fuss due to the application of film onto doors being a fairly simplistic one for the accredited HG Surface Installation team.

Preparation was key for this project as the surfaces were painted, therefore a significant amount of time was required to ensure the surfaces were ready for film to be applied. The 14 doors were prepped and wrapped inside 2 days with just 2 installers working on the application of material, with one extra man helping with the preparation of the doors that were to be wrapped. Around 50 metres of a wood grain Architectural Film were used for this project.

Gavin said ‘’When it came to applying the Architectural Film to the doors it went as smoothly as we had promised to the client. The team I have here at Team HG really are well adverse in applying film, with years of experience under their belts, so I have every confidence when it comes to any application, and this was no different. What was handy for this install is that Production Park are so close to us, meaning we could bring the doors to our site and wrap them here, bringing no disruption at all to their business before we went back and reinstalled the new look doors.’’


The Results

In terms of a transformation, it’s safe to say the doors are recognisable from what they looked like before. The wood grain finish really brought a realistic aesthetic and feel to the substrates. Once more, the new look doors were much more suited to the environment than the miserable grey doors that were previously in situ. Most importantly, the clients were absolutely delighted with the transformation the HG Surface team had pulled off.

Gavin added ‘’It’s great to see the Production Park team delighted with the results. Production Park are a great local business that we have had a great working relationship with for a number of years with us working for them in the build up to some of the huge events they get involved in, which we hope continues for years to come.’’

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Why Architectural Film is great for doors

As touched upon throughout this case study, the concept of Architectural Wrapping really is perfect for door application. Despite one of the beauties of Architectural Film is the conformability the products have, from an installation point of view, flat application substrates allow you to refurb doors so quickly and easily.

Utilising Architectural Film also allows you to tick that all important sustainability box too. When refurbing with film you are preserving existing surfaces (which otherwise would be going to landfill) whilst giving them the revamp and refresh they so desperately need.

This brings us to the conclusion of this case study with Production Park. This case study has presented the concept of wrapping interior doors in the office setting, but architectural film can be applied to so many more environments and substrates.  Be inspired by what is possible with architectural wrapping by visiting our dedicated inspiration page here: https://hgsurface.com/inspirations/.

If you have a project in mind where you think Architectural Film could be perfect? Get in touch by emailing us at hello@teamhg.co.uk, or calling us on 01977 651 017.

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