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Renault Washroom Brought to Life with Architectural Wrapping


Following the completion of an exterior refurbishment with Architectural Wrapping at the Dealership, the client expressed to the HG team that they also required a transformation of their internal washrooms which currently had a ‘tacky aesthetic’.


Although it was clear that the washrooms needed a dramatic overhaul, the client didn’t want to spend a fortune on the refurbishment, and they really didn’t want the washrooms to be out of action for too long given the necessity of them to employees and customers alike. .


Following a consultation with the client, it was decided that Architectural Wrapping would be a great solution to change the outlook of their washrooms, with the aim of bringing a much cleaner and more professional feel to proceedings.

One of the most common applications using architectural film is within the washroom environment. Due to the cost and inconvenience involved in replacing a washroom or toilet block in any commercial premises, wrapping over existing doors, cubicles, tiles and counters means you can totally transform this environment at a fraction of the cost.

This project was quite a unique one for HG Surface, as the team had just completed one of their largest exterior projects to date, transforming the Staples Corner Renault Dealership exterior with the help of Architectural Film. Following the completion of that project it was brought to our attention that the dealership wanted to upcycle their washroom space into a look that was much more in keeping with the slick outlook they wanted to present.

The Challenge

Selling the concept of Architectural Wrapping to the clients was not the difficult part of this challenge, as after all, we had already utilised exterior film on the exterior of the establishment to great effect. The main challenge was to pick a finish and material that could fall inside the client’s budget, whilst still providing fantastic results from both a visual point of view, but from a performance perspective as well.

‘’Selling the wrapping dream has never been so easy following the success we had with this very Renault’s exterior refurbishment. The client was truly blown away by the results, and they came to us asking whether we could help them with some interior work too, in the form of a washroom refurbishment. The main objectives of the customer were to keep costs down as low as possible, whilst using a product that could stand up to the day to day traffic a environment like this would endure.’’ Said Lauren Siddons, Director of HG Surface.

Lauren continued: ‘’Once we selected the appropriate Architectural Film we were going to use for this project, it was all about the finish. The customer just wanted a more toned down, clean looking space opposed to the disgusting yellow in situ, and as a result a solid colour grey finish was selected for this project’’

The Project

Following the completion of the consultation with the client, the project got the go ahead. Below outlines exactly what the project entailed.

In total

>Product used: 3M DI-NOC Architectural Film

>30 metres utilised

>2x sets of Sink Panels wrapped

>2x sets of sink counter tops wrapped

>Urinal backing panels wrapped

>4x toilet doors wrapped

>Cubicle dividers and front panels wrapped

For this project 2 installers were used on the project across 2 days, with a grey single colour 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finish used to get the desired result.

Before Before
After After

‘’Similarly to the exterior refurbishment, the project went swimmingly and yet again the clients were delighted with the results, which is the main thing after all. The difference is there for everyone to see, with the refurb bringing a much more professional look that is suited for a commercial environment like this. The fact the installation only took two days was brilliant for the client too, meaning the washrooms themselves were not out of action for too long.’’ Said Lauren

The benefit of using 3M DI-NOC  

DI-NOC is no ordinary vinyl, with no ordinary finish. With 3M DI-NOC you really do have a leading-edge solution for interior refurbs like this, and a product that ultimately gives you a guarantee of the best results.

In a high traffic area like a commercial washroom you really need a product that is going to be able to stand up to a lot of wear and tear and in DI-NOC you certainly have the right product. Tests show that the wear and tear resistance of 3M DI-NOC is just as tough as HPL with 4 times more resistance to scratching over painted surfaces and is also twice as strong in terms of its resistance to wear and impact.

3M DI-NOC is also superior in terms of abrasion resistance, which is far superior to other solutions, such as paint and wallpaper. Perfect for a long-term refurb solution, it is a highly resistant option against everyday wear and tear.

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This concludes our project for Staples Corner Renault Uk. Have a project in mind where you would like to explore the possibility of Architectural Wrapping? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing us at hello@teamhg.co.uk, or calling us on 01977 651 017.

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