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Sports Centre Washrooms Transformed with Architectural Wrapping


To refresh the existing panels in situ that had been battered and bruised over a long-term period.


To provide a solution that met both the design aspirations of the client but also could stand up to the high traffic the environment would incur.


Architectural wrapping was selected as it would deliver the best possible result from both an aesthetical and performance point of view.

Washroom refurbishments really are a necessary evil, and in the commercial environment they are an obvious necessity. Although washrooms aren’t front of house, if they are neglected or generally not ‘pleasant’, it’s an experience that can ultimately stick in the customers mind, and this can lead to negative perceptions being created about your business. In our experience, there really is only one answer…. Architectural Wrapping.

When Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre, based in the heart of Marlow came to us wanting to refresh their male changing cubicles, we were delighted to be able to help them achieve their goals through the utilisation of Architectural Film.

The Challenge

This project was a little bit different for the HG Surface team as unlike many of our first-time clients, the sports centre was already completely sold on the concept of using Architectural Wrapping to refresh the environment. Their facilities team had already conducted their own research online around the concept of wrapping, and as a result they reached out to the HG team when they required a team to come in to facilitate the supply of material and installation.

‘’As soon as we got talking to the team at the Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre, it was clearly evident that they had their hearts set on using Architectural Film for this project, and it’s easy to see why as film was just perfect for this refurb. The cost savings and lack of disruption this method of refurbishing would bring alongside the high-end aesthetic and performance, it was a match made in heaven for the client.’’ Said Gavin Cocliff, Owner of HG Surface.

Gavin added ‘’The client wanted a similar match to the current panels that were in place within the environment which were beginning to become very worn and dated. Once we showed them a selection of samples that were a close match to the existing substrates, a fabric Architectural Film was selected for the project.’’

The Project

Following the completion of a survey it was agreed with the customer that the below would be refreshed with the selected fabric finish.

> 1x Toilet Cubicle with backing boards

> 1x Disable shower Cubicles

> 7x Standard Shower Cubicles

> 2x Entrance Panels

> 1x Wall Panel

> 1x Sink Area Pan

In total, 80 metres of Architectural Film was used on the application, and the installation itself took only just 2 days with 2 men working on the job.

‘’Preparation was key for this installation. The panels had some stains on them from battle scars from over the years, so we removed all the panels, cleaning and preparing them before the application of Architectural Film. The application itself was simplistic as most of it was mainly flat wrapping, and in 2 short days the application was complete. The client was delighted with the results of this project. So much so, in a few weeks we are returning to the establishment to do the women’s changing rooms.’’ Said Gavin.

This project is a fantastic example of Architectural Wrapping being utilised in the washroom environment.  With our wrapping solution products, we can provide you with a game changing solution that can bring you so many short term and long term benefits that more traditional methods of overhauling simply can’t deliver. From the mentioned cost savings and minimal disruption to the design potential and much more, wrapping is just perfect for this setting.

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