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Vegan Restaurant Refurbishment With 3M DI-NOC Architectural Film


The establishment needed a refurbishment completing ready for the launch of the brand new vegan restaurant.


The client wanted the existing surfaces to be upcycled opposed to a rip out and replace refurbishment to be completed.


3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes was selected to bring a sustainable approach whilst meeting the aesthetical objectives the clients had.

Last summer saw the launch of Architextural’s (leading suppliers of architectural film in the UK) READY WRAP WIN competition which resulted in the HG Surface team partnering with Architextural on this project, providing one lucky business with a makeover through the utilisation of 3M DI-NOC Architectural Film.

The Winners

The winner of the national competition was 13th Element, a vegan restaurant based in Nottingham.
13th Element were very much worthy winners of the competition. Not only did the interior space provide the dream opportunity to use 3M DI-NOC given the number of possible applications in the environment, but the aim of the competition was to give back to a business that needed help, and these needed it.

The start-up company were campaigning for funding for the launch of its new restaurant at the time of the competition, so this provided a great opportunity to give back and help them along the way.

Design Consultation

The process started with a design consultation with Architextural’ s Lol Brass and HG Surface’s very own Lauren Siddons, who both visited the premises to meet owners Bal and Liam.

Company Director of HG Surface Lauren had this to say on the consultation with the restaurant owners: ‘’It was very clear from the outset of the meeting that Bal and Liam were keen to have a black theme throughout the design of the interior space.

‘’Once we showed them the 3M DI-NOC pattern books they were both blown away with the design possibilities the product had, and particularly couldn’t quite get their heads around the realism in the wood finishes in the portfolio, quickly deciding they wanted to make a dark wood finish a big part of the redesign of the bar area.’’

As a result of the consultation, it was agreed HG Surface team would complete the following applications in the environment;

  • 30M of FW-1757 used to cover doors, bar sides and the ceiling moulding
  • 10M of black and grey FA-1166 to wrap the bar top
  • 10m of ST-1914MT on the two ceiling recess panels

The Installation

The application itself took a total of two working days for the 3M accredited HG Surface team to complete.

Day one in the main was all about preparation, which constitutes such an important part of the application of 3M DI-NOC Architectural Film. As the old saying goes, failure to prepare, prepare to fail and that is so true when it comes to this film. The guys ensured that all the environment and surfaces were thoroughly cleaned and primed (when appropriate) prior to the installation commencing.

Day two was all about the application of 3M DI-NOC. The process of applying the film to the substrates was a straightforward one for the team, with the installers having a high skill level coupled with the product being so easy to work with. The install went very well.

The overall installation process did have its obstacles though. Throughout the two days on-site, the team had to work around other tradesmen who were also working in the restaurant at the same time.

This caused a degree of complication, as this meant there was a lot going on in a relatively tight physical space, such as when kitchen units were being installed. This meant that the team from HG Surface had to keep moving around to accommodate substrates coming in and out.

The beauty of a product like DI-NOC, which was crucial in this project, is that the product is lightweight, and the application is seamless which means even when other trades and units were coming into the building, the installation could continue throughout.

The Feedback

The Owners of 13th Element were absolutely delighted with the installation of 3M DI-NOC to their brand-new restaurant.

“It’s been amazing to see a total transformation of our business from start to finish and the service we received was second to none, right from the process of selecting the best vinyl’s for our vision, and best suited to our restaurant and services, to the stunning application itself.

“We were a bit sceptical at first as we weren’t sure how the vinyl’s would work in our venue, but the materials have completely transformed our bar and has an added benefit, we’ve saved a lot of money by using a wrapping solution over a rip out and replace method of refurbishing.

“Following this project, we know that Architextural and HG Surface are fantastic partners to work with and we plan on working with them again as we grow our business and expand into new locations.”

Want to see the environment for yourself? Head over to the 13th Element Instagram page to book yourself a reservation.

HG Surface

‘’It was an absolute pleasure working with Architextural and HG Surface on this project- we feel so lucky to have won this amazing competition!"

- Bal, co-owner of 13th Element

Impressed by the results of this transformation? Or have an environment in mind where you think architectural finishes could be utilised?