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Commercial Refurbishments – Traditional vs Wrapping

The emergence of wrapping. Time and time again here at HG Surface we preach that our methods of refurbishing…. ‘Architectural Wrapping’ is transcending the way commercial buildings are being transformed, and it’s true, there is no doubt ‘wrapping’ by way of a refurbishing method is the new phenomenon in the interior and exterior redesign world.

But why should I be considering this method over more well-known traditional methods? I hear you ask.

In this blog, we will go through some key points to why Architectural Wrapping is a great solution for you, but more importantly we will go through some reasons to why wrapping trumps other alternative solutions.

Let’s get into it.

Trusted Solution

Before we go into more specific examples of why Architectural Wrapping is a better option than other alternatives, let’s address the elephant in the room… can you trust the solution?

The obvious answer is absolutely yes, yes you can. Although the concept is still fairly new to many in the UK, the product has been tried and tested, coming through with flying colours.

Here at Team HG, we have used the product in so many environments too, both inside and out, with our clients being absolutely delighted with the results. Still not sure? Check out our case studies here.

Cost Effective

We’re just going to put this out there. Architectural Wrapping is a much cheaper way of refurbishing than a more traditional method. In both the long and short term.

All in all, renovating with architectural film is generally 1/7th the cost of investing in new interiors.

So, it’s a cheap product then I guess you’re assuming? No, absolutely not. The films we use are best in class, highly engineered films.

So where is the cost saving?

The cost savings you are making with Architectural Finishes comes from all sorts of angles. From the lack of disruption the application entails and the knock effect this can have on a business (in a good way and we’ll go into this more next), to the speed of application, to the minimal upkeep required with the products we use to even their durability, and much, much more. You are saving from all kind of angles, and that’s a HG promise.

Find out more >

Minimal Disruption

As touched upon in our previous point, minimal disruption is a huge selling point and a key USP when it comes to the concept of wrapping interiors and exteriors.

The best way to explain this is by giving you a real-life example. So, let’s take a hotel for example.

Picture this, a hotel is in desperate need for a full refurbishment. If they go down a traditional rip out and replace method of refurbishing, this is going to cause a lot of disruption to business, probably in all honesty resulting in a lengthy closure for the hotel.

Just think about the money this will cost!

Architectural Wrapping can take this stress away. The application is so minimalistic (a heat gun is about as disruptive as it gets), allowing for the hotel to go by their business as normal. Just let that sink in.

Application Potential

The potential in application with Architectural Film really is when it gets fun.

The conformability in film really makes wrapping a game changing solution. The films we use conform so elegantly with heat meaning the film isn’t limited to just flat surfaces, the products can in fact adhere to most surfaces, making them ideal for a whole host of different applications.

Whether that’s; walls, tables, reception desks, cabinets or much more, the opportunities are truly endless. The fact the film can go onto so many different surfaces means the product is perfect for an array of different sectors in the commercial environment.

At Team HG we can provide you with a truly one stop solution. Multiple tradesmen are simply not required. See the application potential.

Design Potential

The evolution of the finishes available in the Architectural Finishes repertoire is something that has just got better and better in recent years too. There really are no limits to the design possibilities with these products.

With 1000’s of finishes available from a multitude of different brands in the marketplace, the options have never been as good. Whatever you want, whether that’s wood, stones, fabrics, leathers, metallics, single colours or anything else for that matter, we can get you it.

It’s worth noting that the realism in the finishes is out of this world too. When you see, touch and feel these products, you really would be mistaken that the products were the real thing. See the range.

Avoid Landfill

Wrap it, don’t skip it.

Sustainability is the name of the game these days, isn’t it? The environmentally conscious society is ever growing.

Statistics actually show that the Millennial generation are willing to pay more for services by companies that are committed to creating a positive environmental impact.

Did you know, that 32% of landfill waste comes from the construction and demolition of buildings? Don’t become part of the problem and allow us to reuse what you’ve already got it. Architectural wrapping not only allows us to lessen the negative environmental impact but also reduces the number of sound surfaces being sacrificed for the sake of modernisation.

That brings us to the end of our blog. Traditional methods of refurbishing will always have a place, ofcourse they will, but Architectural Wrapping is a fantastic option in the commercial environment, bringing so many benefits to the end user, some of which we have touched upon in this piece.

Have a project in mind where you would like to explore the possibility of HG Surface using this concept in your environment? Simply get in touch by emailing us at hello@teamhg.co.uk or if you would prefer to call, you can contact us on 01977 804714.

Discover what else is possible with Architectural Wrapping.