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Bar and Restaurant Applications

For much of the last two years the hospitality sector has been one that has been absolutely decimated by the global pandemic. With restrictions now lifted and life going back to normal, many bars and restaurants have been looking to refurbish their environments to help them stand out from the crowd in the re-emergence of this sector. With budgets tightened, architectural wrap has provided a great refurbishment solution for bars and restaurants to refurb at a minimal cost, whilst maintaining high-end results.

Design Potential

The only thing holding you back when it comes to wrapping in the bar and restaurant environment is your own imagination.

With a whopping 1500+ finishes available from woods, stones, metallics, fabrics and more, it’s safe to say that these realistic architectural wraps can meet the design demands of any project in the hospitality sector. The portfolio is always evolving too. The products and brands we associate ourselves with are always diversifying their range to keep up with in trend finishes in the interior world.

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Cost Savings

We’ve already talked about the cost savings with using film, but we aren’t just talking about the film itself. Refurbishing with films is cost effective in so many ways, not just in the short term but in the longer term too.

The lack of mess, time and noise associated with this method of refurbishing means businesses can remain open during the refurbishment for a start! Coupled with the fact the cost of a full rip out and replace method would be 7 times more expensive than refurbing with film just shows the immediate saving you can make in this environment.

In the longer term, the upkeep of architectural wraps is minimal, with the durability and resistance the products have being very much up to the high traffic a bar entails.


The flexibility in the self-adhesive wraps is another USP that is so beneficial in a number of environments, and the bar and restaurant setting is no different.

That’s right, with architectural wraps the products are not limited to flat surfaces. With heat, these products can conform to almost any surface within the interior setting meaning almost any surface can be wrapped. Whether that’s; bars, tables, doors, counters, walls, ceilings or much more.

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The hospitality environment is a setting which can be very much classed as ‘high traffic’, so it’s fair to say that any product used in this environment needs to be durable, and in architectural wrap (as already touched upon) you really do have a product that can stand up to the wear and tear bar and restaurant surfaces endure.

The product will last at the very minimum 10 years too. Once applied it is there to stay, in fact you are more likely to wrap on top of the film than take the wrap off itself!

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