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Campsite Wrapping

Discover the fusion of nature and innovation as we explore campsite refurbishments using architectural wrap. This revolutionary material can now breathe new life into the campsite setting. From sustainable materials to artistic flair, there is no boundaries with the potential in these films.

Multiple Surface Application

Every surface becomes an opportunity with architectural films and this statement rings true when it comes to campsites too. Thanks to the flexibility in the products, the solution can offer alternatives to much more than just flat surfaces, with the ability to change various solid surfaces in the campsite setting. Witness the revival of these spaces with wrap, breathing new life into the heart of your campsite experience.


One of the most fascinating applications for architectural film in the campsite setting is the washroom environment. In the realm of commercial spaces, the idea of replacing an entire washroom or toilet block often carries a hefty cost and disruption. However, the magic of wrapping can completely transform these spaces, from doors to cubicles, tiles to counters, and much more, in such a simple and effective way.

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Interiors and Exteriors

Discover the comprehensive benefits of our commercial wrapping solutions, that allow the seamless transformation of both internal and external surfaces in the campsite setting, offering a versatile portfolio of materials suitable for diverse applications. Whether enhancing interior spaces or elevating exteriors, architectural wrapping provides a holistic refurbishment solution for your environment, ensuring a transformative upgrade inside and out.

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After After

Minimal Intrusion

With this lightweight, non-disruptive tactic of refurbishing, gone are the days where campsites have to shut their doors during the refurbishment process. With the grace of architectural wrapping, skilled artisans work their magic swiftly and efficiently, wrapping a multitude of surfaces without any inconvenience.

The seamless procedure takes so much stress and hassle away from campsite owners, facility managers and the like. With both costs and downtime minimised with this method, architectural wrapping really is the dream solution.


In the tranquil realm of campsite interior and exterior design, the demand for resilience in products is ever-present. Architectural wrap steps into this environment as a robust and enduring solution, perfectly suited for high-traffic scenarios. Wrap stands strong against the trials faced by surfaces in these settings.

The remarkable products stand strong against the high traffic endured, boasting a lifespan of a decade, becoming a permanent and trusted companion in your campsite landscape. Rather than ripping out and replacing, do consider the thrills of wrap to bring your aspirations to life.

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Proven Solution

Another compelling reason to explore the world of architectural wrapping is its time-tested effectiveness. In recent times, the growth of the refurbishment concept has been nothing short of remarkable. Especially in commercial environments, we are now seeing these products utilised time and time again, which has brought increased trust in the concept of wrap.

Not only is the products HG Surface use trusted, so are the skills of the team when it comes to the application. Our team is proven at the highest level, holding all the necessary installation accreditations, which brings further peace of mind to our customer base that a job is going to be done right.

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