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HG | Surface

Exterior Applications

Our Interior wrap offering gets a lot of the attention when it comes to architectural wrap. For good reason, the aesthetically possibilities with these products are amazing. But let’s not forget about exterior films.

Our exterior wrap range provides a great alternative to traditional methods of refurbishing when it comes to the exterior of buildings in a quick, easy and cost-effective manor. First impressions count, and the right exterior gives your business the opportunity to stand out and make a good first impression, and with our range of exterior films, you can do just that.

Colour matching

Although there are standard colours in our exterior wrap portfolio, we also have the ability to cater for any colour requirement of our corporate clients on larger projects. With RAL colour matching also available, we can meet the demands of brand guidelines on any of the wrapping we do to the exterior of the building. Whatever your brand colours are, we can match it.

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Window Frames

It’s not only the interior wraps  that are conformable, our exterior wraps are conformable too! Which opens up the opportunity of changing the look and feel of window frames.

Gone are the days where you have to keep your boring white pvc window frame, or face replacing them at a very large cost. With our films you can simply change the look of your interior and exterior frames with architectural wrap. Such a simple yet effective way of transforming the look of these substrates. Why replace it, when you can wrap it. It’s a simple message.

All year-round Solution

Painting exteriors by way of a refurbishing method for six months of the year is really not a viable option in the UK. However, with our exterior wraps you really do have an all-year-round solution, whatever the conditions.

Our exterior wraps are preferably applied wet and can also be applied in colder conditions which is brilliant news for architects, buildings owners and the like in this country, providing an alternative solution to refreshing your exteriors whenever you like.

Strong and durable

Having high adhesion onto difficult building substrates such as plastics, aluminium, uncoated and coated steel and reinforced facade panels – exterior wrap is an excellent alternative to paint.  Once applied it has a life expectancy of over 10 years, meaning unlike paint it won’t need multiple applications or maintenance.

Using wrap results in a uniform finish. Aside from ensuring a rapid installation with minimal disruption, the film does not bleach and become brittle as rapidly as paint. It also helps to protect the underlying components from weathering. This is an additional peace of mind that in years to come the finish will remain in top condition.

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