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Furniture Applications

The opportunity to rejuvenate and transform furniture has become more accessible than ever before. Today, you can bid farewell to the days of noisy and disruptive renovations. Furniture wrapping emerges as a gentle and seamless way to breathe new life into your interior spaces, weaving an inviting and inspiring atmosphere within. Come and join the journey with us as we explore the captivating world of furniture and unveil how architectural wrapping can elevate the experience in interior design.





This wardrobe application demonstrates clearly the ability of architectural finishes to adhere to a number of different surfaces.

Although this requires a high skill install, it has undoubtable saved this wardrobe from potentially going into the skip! The slick fabric finish brings both realism and  elegance to proceedings, which fits perfectly with the feel of the overall environment.


The commercial environment is a setting which can be very much classed as ‘high traffic’, so it’s fair to say that any product used in this environment needs to be durable, and in architectural wrap, you really do have a product that can stand up to the wear and tear certain pieces of furniture endure.

The product will last at the very minimum 10 years too. Once applied it is there to stay, in fact you are more likely to wrap on top of the film than take the wrap off itself!

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Doorsand architectural film is a dream combination, and for many reasons. Doors are very much high traffic substrates, that are more likely to just require a facelift than actually being structurally replaced. Film provides the perfect solution to refurbishing these surfaces.

Not only that, doors are generally speaking very flat which means one thing…. an easy application! You can have a brand new door in just minutes. And don’t forget the lack of disruption! You can just imagine the disturbance the dismantling and carrying multiple fire doors would cause. With film, all of this is avoided.


The flexibility in the self-adhesive wraps is another USP that is so beneficial in a number of environments.

That’s right, with architectural wraps the products are not limited to flat surfaces. With heat, these products can conform to almost any surface within the interior setting meaning almost any surface can be wrapped. Whether that’s; bars, tables, doors, counters, walls, ceilings or much more. The ultimate one stop solution.


The desks within an office are another substrate within this particular environment which see very high traffic on a daily basis. As a result, refurbishment or replacements are needed more than you would perhaps expect.

With architectural film you can do this easily and seamlessly. Wrapping on top of the existing surface means the current desk does not need to be replaced, saving both money and landfill. As you can see in this particular install, realistic wood grains can be achieved with these products (there are 100s to choose from). You would really be mistaken to thinking it was the real thing.

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Design Potential

The only thing holding you back when it comes to wrapping furniture is your own imagination.

With a whopping 1500+ finishes available from woods, stones, metallics, fabrics and more, it’s safe to say that these realistic architectural wraps can meet the design demands of any furniture refurb project. The portfolio is always evolving too. The products and brands we associate ourselves with are always diversifying their range to keep up with in trend finishes in the interior world.

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