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Kitchen Applications

In search of a new kitchen without breaking the bank? Fret not. The wonders of kitchen vinyl wraps provide an enchanting solution for a budget-friendly, yet delightful kitchen transformation. With a wide array of charming patterns to choose from, it’s remarkably simple to revive your existing kitchen units.

Multiple Surface Application

The enchantment of architectural film reaches far beyond the realm of flat surfaces, as the solution gives you extraordinary power to metamorphose a multitude of kitchen elements with a single product, brought to life by the deft hand of a skilled craftsman.

Be it the graceful countertops where culinary creations come to life, the welcoming tables that host cherished gatherings, the secret-keeping drawers where utensils and treasures find their home, or the very walls that embrace the heart of your kitchen, the possibilities are indeed boundless.

Design Possibilities

Designing your dream kitchen becomes a pure pleasure with architectural finishes. With nearly a 1000 patterns at your disposal, the world of interior design unfolds before you, always evolving to stay in tune with the latest trends and the desires of our cherished customers.

With kitchen designs trends always changing it’s imperative that you have options available to you that can match these trends, and architectural wrap can help you keep up with these trends. Whether you’re looking for a solid colour, fabric, metallic, wood grain, leather, stone or even glitter finish, we can meet the design aspirations you have, and that’s a HG promise.

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Realistic Finish

One of the most enchanting qualities of this remarkable film is its exceptional capability to encapsulate the pure essence of natural materials. With a vast array of finishes at your fingertips, it masterfully mirrors the intricate texture of wood, the graceful veins of marble, and even the enchanting sparkle of glitter, all with a mesmerizing and authentic touch.

You have the power to invite the marvels of nature right into your very own kitchen, creating a space that’s not just functional but truly wondrous. It’s like bringing a touch of the great outdoors inside your cozy culinary haven, where the beauty of the natural world can be admired and cherished daily.


In the serene world of kitchen settings, we often find ourselves in a bustling, high-traffic environment. Thus, it becomes only fitting that any product gracing this realm must be robust and enduring. As for our cherished architectural film, as previously mentioned, it truly embodies these qualities, standing strong against the trials and tribulations that bar and restaurant surfaces face. It’s like a steadfast guardian, committed to serving you.

Remarkably, this extraordinary product boasts a minimum lifespan of a decade. Once applied, it becomes a permanent part of your kitchen landscape, a loyal companion. In fact, you might even find yourself adding new layers of beauty on top of this enduring film, rather than thinking of parting ways with it!

Proven Solution

Another compelling reason to explore the world of kitchen wrapping is its time-tested effectiveness. In the past three years, the transformation within the realm of kitchen wrapping has been nothing short of remarkable. Within the industry, we’ve witnessed businesses setting up dedicated accounts specifically tailored to the kitchen and domestic market, serving as a testament to the path we’re embarking upon.

Even influencers have fallen in love with architectural wrap. An increasing number of social personalities are now celebrating the creative possibilities of kitchen designs, with home interior design influencers, Love Island stars, and others sharing this captivating concept on their platforms.

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Up to 80% cheaper than new

The savings achieved by revitalizing your existing kitchen units are substantial, and that’s why so many seekers of kitchen transformation are choosing this pure option.

Fresh kitchens can be quite the investment, often reaching into the thousands, while with just a fraction of that cost, you can wrap your existing units within a matter of hours. No mess, no disruption, and no need to endure a kitchen-less existence for an extended period. It’s a journey with minimal disruptions during installation and a delightful surprise – it’s up to 80% more affordable than a whole new kitchen!

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