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HG | Surface

Lift Applications

The opportunity to rejuvenate and transform lifts has become more accessible than ever before. Today, you can bid farewell to the days of noisy and disruptive renovations. Lift wrapping emerges as a gentle and seamless way to breathe new life into these confined spaces, weaving an inviting and inspiring atmosphere within. Come and join the journey with us as we explore the captivating world of lifts and unveil how architectural wrapping can elevate the everyday experience of vertical travel.


Gone are the days when businesses had to close their doors, causing turmoil, clamour, and chaos. With the grace of architectural wrapping, skilled artisans work their magic swiftly and efficiently, wrapping lift doors and interiors on-site, without any inconvenience or the need to replace the lift’s panels. This not only preserves the precious time of the customer but also adds a touch of simplicity and ease to the entire process.

Design Schemes

With a multitude of patterns, including the brilliant stainless steel metallic-like finish, this refurbishment option opens the door to limitless design potential. Whatever your vision may be, we can bring it to life – it’s a promise we hold dear.

These vinyl finishes have the power to transform a lift into a charming sanctuary, where passengers can find comfort and inspiration. It’s all about crafting a warm and inviting atmosphere that elevates the entire experience. Lift wraps seamlessly blend design and functionality in commercial settings, creating a haven of purity.

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Stand Out from the Crowd

Lift wrapping still represent a fairly new concept in the United Kingdom. They serve as more than just a tool for making lifts visually appealing; they introduce an innovative, enchanting approach to promoting your business. Unlike commonplace advertising, the possibilities with wrap can capture your attention, especially considering the moments spent waiting for its arrival. It’s as if they whisper a special message to those who patiently await their upward journey, a message that’s pure and full of wonder.

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After After

Cost Savings

In the realm of lift wrapping, architectural wrap proves to be a cost-effective gem, with traditional methods having huge cost implications on commercial setting when making refurbishing this environment. The cost in the labour and material is monumental, where wrap is far more cost effective.

In the short term, it saves you from the expense and time involved in ripping out and replacing your existing lift. With wrap, you minimize downtime and, in turn, reduce the duration of any closures. In the long term, maintaining architectural wrap is a breeze, with its durability built to withstand the high traffic of a lift. Any repairs are effortlessly completed, keeping your space as enchanting as ever. Making your next refurb a long way away.

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Another concern for many when it comes to lift refurbs, is the transferring of materials within the environment during a refresh, with the lugging around of substrates coming in and out of the dedicated area providing a huge challenge due to their weight and potential size too.

With architectural wrap you really are taking that stress away, with the lightweight nature of the films allowing for not only a simple transportation, but also an easier installation too.

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