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Office Applications

The office environment is another place where we are seeing architectural wrap being used time and time again. The minimal disruption, creativity in designs, and cost savings in this method of refurbishing are all key reasons to why wrapping is being selected. The beauty of using film in the office environment is that there is so many different applications where this product can be used. A truly one stop solution.

Reception Areas

First impressions are everything aren’t they? In the commercial and more specifically here, the office environment, first impressions can be the difference between a potential client, employee or anyone else for that matter buying into you and your business or not. It’s integral you make a good first impression.

With unlimited design potential within the architectural wrap range, these films really do allow you to create an eye-catching entrance to your office space. Whatever design you want to bring to your entrance, we can match it, and that’s a promise.

Conference rooms

Conference rooms are where, in many cases, productivity and creativity is paramount. It is statistically proven that improving the working environment can improve productivity. Well, in architectural wrap you have a product that can quickly change dull, uninspiring interiors into ones that can generate inspiration.

Let’s not forget about the glass design too. That’s right, with our decorative window film range this is another box you can tick. Looking to bring privacy to your meeting rooms? Well with décor window films you can bring privacy and a design aesthetic at the same time. A truly combinational wrap.

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Corridors are often forgot about in many environments and neglected when they come to a refurbishment. But they shouldn’t be, corridors take up a lot of space within the office setting so really shouldn’t be overlooked.

In many cases, corridor walls are long and flat meaning these are just the dream for architectural wrap. In no time at all you can have these walls resurfaced and looking as good as new, with any disruption being avoided to boot. Architectural wraps are highly engineered, durable products which is another big win and highly important when it comes to a corridor refurbishment in offices. Corridors see a lot of high traffic throughout a single working day alone so it’s integral that products used on these surfaces can stand up to the wear and tear. With game changing abrasion and tear resistant technology within the films, and a 10-year durability on top, in architectural film you have the perfect solution.

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It’s not just the interiors of offices you can transform with wrapping, you can change the appearance of the building exterior as well.

Our exterior wraps can change the aesthetic of tired looking cladding and facades to surfaces that look a lot fresher. RAL Colour matching is also available, allowing us to meet any brand guidelines you have and would like to implement to the facia of your building. And it doesn’t stop there. Our exterior wraps are conformable too, giving you the opportunity to change the look and feel of your window frames as well. Such a simple way of revamping a substrate that would otherwise be a very expensive overhaul.

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