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HG | Surface

Retail Applications

The utilisation of wrapping as a refurbishment method in the retail environment is becoming more and more popular over recent years. Architectural wrap provides the perfect solution where retail owners can keep costs down, whilst still getting a very high standard of refurbishment in terms of results. Let’s not forget the downtime, mess, noise and disruption all being reduced too with this type of refurbishment option opposed to a traditional method.

Shop interiors

Architectural film is providing retailers with a brilliant one-stop solution to refurbish shop interior design.

With architectural wrap being such a conformable product, this allows the self-adhesive wrap to adhere to a whole host of different substrates within the shop environment. Whether that’s counters, tables, walls, cupboards or any other smooth and proper surface, you can refurb with film. Without the hassle of ripping out and replacing!

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Design Potential

Architectural wrap really can meet the demands of any interior design requirement in the retail environment. The selection of films boasts over 1500 finishes and textures that cover; woods, colours, fabrics, stones, marbles, metallics, leathers and even glitters finishes.

The finishes are so realistic too from a touch and feel point of view, you really would mistake them for ‘the real thing’. When it comes to design possibilities, the only thing holding you back is your own imagination.

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Shop Windows

Shop window design just screams Architectural Wrap.

‘Why?’ I hear you ask. Well, shop windows are ever changing, aren’t they? Whether that’s for promotion of certain products or simply a change in season, shops are always looking to interchange the design of this environment.

With wraps being able to be applied on top of existing surfaces, the products are perfect for ever changing shopfront designs, and with sparkling design possibilities in the repertoire, you really do have the ability to stand out from the crowd in a big way.

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Enough about the interior possibilities, let’s not forget about the exteriors of the retail environment either! With architectural film you can change the appearance of a building exterior too.

First impressions mean everything, and the exterior of a shop gives these businesses an opportunity to make a good first impression. Our exterior films can change the aesthetic of tired looking cladding and facades to surfaces that look a lot fresher. Colour matching is also available, allowing us to meet any brand guidelines you have and would like to implement to the facia of your building.

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