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Showroom Applications

Showroom refurbishments here at HG Surface are fast becoming the projects we are becoming synonymous with in terms of the utilisation of architectural wrap and we love it! The usage of this product in this environment is growing and growing, and it’s easy to see why. There are so many surfaces architectural wrap is perfect for in this environment, the opportunities are truly endless from both an interior and exterior perspective.


From an interiors perspective in the showroom environment, architectural wrapping really is the dream solution when it comes to refurbishment in this setting. This is mainly down to the fact the material is conformable, meaning the product can stretch and as a result be applied to a whole host of substrates. From the reception desks and tables to the window frames and washrooms, in architectural wrap you have a one stop solution that can transform your interiors without the need for rip out and refit.

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Let’s move from the interior of the showroom to the exterior. Showroom Exteriors represent such an important part of the showroom itself. First impressions count, and the right exterior gives your business the opportunity to stand out and make a good first impression, and with our range of exterior films, you can do just that.

Our exterior wrapping films have provided countless showrooms with a great option (and result) of changing their tired exterior cladding and facades, into ones that look like new. With no need to shut the showroom, and no overspray we can save your business that downtime. With RAL colour matching also available, we can meet the demands of brand guidelines on any of the wrapping we do to the exterior of the building.

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Window Frames

Its not only the interior films that are conformable, our exterior films are conformable too! Which opens up the opportunity of changing the look and feel of your window frames. Gone of the days where you have to keep your boring white pvc window frame, or face replacing them at a very large cost. With our films you can simply change the look of your interior and exterior frames with architectural wrap. Such a simple yet effective way of transforming the look of these substrates. Why replace it, when you can wrap it. It’s a simple message.

Glass Design

Glass design can be such a forgotten application within any environment, let alone the showroom one. Nevertheless, its fair to say that there is a lot of interior glass within the showroom environment, and we have the decorative window wraps to turn your glass into a design statement. Whether you’re looking for privacy, décor or both, we have the solution for you in our expansive range.

Looking to take your customer to a breakout room and want privacy? The decorative window films in our repertoire can tick this box whilst adding amazing aesthetics to proceedings, a truly combinational solution to interior glass.

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