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Washroom Applications

One of the most fascinating applications for architectural film finds its place in commercial washrooms. In the realm of commercial spaces, the idea of replacing an entire washroom or toilet block often carries a hefty cost and disruption. However, the magic of wrapping can completely transform these spaces, from doors to cubicles, tiles to counters, and much more, in such a simple and effective way.

Vanity Units

When we engage in discussions with prospective clients regarding washrooms and architectural wrap, one of the initial enquiries that frequently arises is the concern about the products’ resistance to water. To our delight, we can positively respond when posed with this question, and it consistently brings a natural surprised reaction.

Consequently, architectural wrap is unquestionably the perfect solution for revitalising vanity units. There is truly no need to embark on an unnecessary tear-out and replacement when you can effortlessly rejuvenate with the application of wrap.

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Cubicle Doors

Toilet cubicle doors, along with dividers offer a canvas of potential. The beauty lies in the fact that they can all be adorned with the same or contrasting finish. This allows for a truly customised appearance that is tailored to the essence of your specific project.

With doors largely flat, the installation of wrap to these surfaces is so quick and easy for an installation team, meaning the surfaces are transformed in just a flash. The substrates are robust too, making them very much capable of standing up to the hustle and bustle these surfaces endure.

Before Before
After After

Design Possibilities

The realm of design possibilities within architectural wrapping for washrooms is a boundless expanse of creativity. With thousands of patterns at your disposal, you can meet the unique design needs of any refurb. From the natural beauty of wood to solid colours, shimmering metallics, majestic marbles, captivating stones, and much more – architectural wap offers an array of choices suitable for a wide range of design settings.

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Cost Savings

Architectural wrap proves to be a cost-effective gem to washroom refurbs, offering both immediate and long-term savings. In the short term, it saves you from the expense and time involved in ripping out and replacing your existing environment. With wrap, you minimise downtime and, in turn, reduce the duration of any closures and therefore costs.

In the long term, maintaining architectural wrapping is a breeze, with its durability built to withstand the high traffic of a washroom. Any repairs are effortlessly completed, keeping your space as immaculate as ever. Making your next refurb a long way away.

Widely Used

Not only are these products extensively utilised for various surfaces within the washroom environment due to their remarkable adaptability, wrapping has also gained significant popularity too. Many commercial businesses have recently embraced this renovation approach.

The project we’re highlighting here, undertaken by the HG Surface team, serves as a splendid illustration of the two aspects mentioned above. Architectural wrapping has been skilfully employed in a well-known vehicle showroom, transforming numerous surfaces within the washroom area of the building.

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