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Window Frame Applications

Gone are the days where you have to keep your boring pvc or aluminium window frames, or face replacing them at a very large cost. With our films you can simply change the look of your window frames with Architectural Wrap. Such a simple yet effective way of transforming the look of these substrates. Why replace it, when you can wrap it. It’s a simple message.

Minimal Disruption

No mess. No noise. Minimal Disruption. Is the ultimate result of using Architectural Wrapping in regards to refurbishing window frames in a commercial environment. The task of ripping out window frames and replacing them can have a huge impact on a business. The business may have to momentarily stop, and this could have huge financial implications for the given business. There is really no need to have this kind of disruption at all.

With Architectural Wrapping, you really are taking this stress away. The application of these products is so seamless you almost wouldn’t realise a refurbishment was taking place, and it would be over before you knew it. Simply recovering existing window frames can bring the exact same high end results a traditional method of replacing would bring. A real no brainer.

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Strong and Durable

The wrapping materials we use don’t just look good either, they are designed and engineered to stand the test of time too. Having high adhesion onto difficult surfaces like plastic and aluminium in this case – our films provide an excellent alternative to paint.  Once applied it has a life expectancy of over 10 years, meaning unlike paint it won’t need multiple applications or maintenance.

Using wrap results in a perfect spray paint like finish. Aside from ensuring a rapid installation with minimal disruption, the film does not bleach and become brittle as rapidly as paint. It also helps to protect the underlying components from weathering. This brings an additional peace of mind that in years to come the finish will remain in top condition.

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Internal And External

When it comes to the refurbishing of window frames it’s important to note that our wrapping solutions can transform both the internal and external substrates of the frames. Within our portfolio of materials that we use for our wraps, we have products that are suitable for both interior applications and exterior applications, allowing to improve your environment in the inside and out. There is no doubt, architectural wrapping provides a truly holistic refurbishment offering.

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Colour Match

It really is gone of the days of sticking with boring, plain pvc or aluminium window frames. Whatever the colour you need, we can match it, and that’s a HG promise.

Within our exterior portfolio there is standard colours available for your window frames, but we also have the added bonus that we can cater for the needs of our corporate clients when it comes to a colour match. With RAL colour matching available in our arsenal, we can meet the demands of brand guidelines on any of the cladding refurbishment we get involved in, which is great news for you.

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