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Architectural Finishes

Over 1000+ Finishes at your fingertips.

With 3M DI-NOC, the only thing holding you back is your own imagination.

The range of films with this product is quite simply out of this world! With 1000+ finishes available in the portfolio from a vast variety of patterns families, you really can meet the demands of any project with 3M DI-NOC Architectural Film.


The wood selection within our architectural finishes range really is something to behold in itself, and also, a very popular selection for many of our clients.

The realism in the wood grain is almost unbelievable. The look and feel of the product is so realistic it could be mistaken for the real thing. The range of woods that are available are another huge bonus, but not only is there different grains and colours available, there are matte and abrasion resistant wood finishes also available. A truly rounded range.

wood range


Solid Colour is another go-to for end users, designers, architects and the like. Colour can be a great tool to brighten up an environment, as well as making a room feel a lot bigger if implemented correctly.

Colours are often the most difficult part of a room for interior designers to get right, as there is a significant challenge to ensure shades work together effectively. Luckily, the architectural finishes range can help take this stress away.  Our solid colour range covers a wide range of the colour pantone, including matt finishes, providing you with unlimited possibilities.

colour range


Our fabric range is one of our favourites in the portfolio. Bringing a textured look to the interior space really can add some class character to an interior setting. Too often though this look can be an afterthought in interior design and seen as a finishing touch rather than a key component.

With well over 40 different fabric finishes in its repertoire, it’s safe to say our finishes has it covered when it comes to the fabric/textile finish. With a whole host of fabric shades in the collections, available in an array of styles, the flexibility in this range really can match any design demand.

fabric range


Trying to replicate marble is not something which is easily done. The look, the feel, and the special features this aesthetic brings is so unique. Not only that, this high-end look  is not always achievable for everyone, with the look being an expensive one and out of budget for many.

This is where architectural finishes really comes into its own. The range of marble finishes are much more affordable without the quality of the look dropping. Like other finishes in the range, the realism is impressive too, even down to the detail of the veins within the marble finish that replicates the ‘real thing’ perfectly.

marble range


The metallic range is one of the most thought after in the portfolio and for good reason too! A finish that just oozes class and really does bring a ‘pop’ to any setting.

In the architectural finishes range there is a whole host of metallics available. Whether its the gold, rose gold or copper we have mentioned above or another metallic finish you have in mind, the DI-NOC range will be able to match it and that’s a promise.

Metallic range


The industrial stone look is one that has rose to prominence over recent times, and is very much in when it comes to interior design. Stone, a natural material that will bring warmth to your interior, providing a natural charm and represents the connection of nature and the earth.

The stone selection in the DI-NOC range is another one which is particularly strong in the 3M portfolio. With possibilities including; earth, industrial, concrete, and sand the opportunities are vast to create the finish you like without the hassle and disruption the creation of this look for real would require.

stone range


Leather was once a finish that was synonymous with consumer goods like bags, wallets, and jackets. Not anymore. Now you can find leather in a new spot – in décor. Leather can be found enhancing the ambiance of offices, hotels, restaurants, and homes a-like.

The leather patterns within the Architectural Finishes range cover a whole host of colour, and the resemblance is uncanny. Not only that, there is now some new suede matt finishes which are really leading edge, and are taking the industry by storm.

leather range

Whatever the design requirement, we can match it.