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HG | Surface

Hotel Refurbishments

Although hoteliers typically keep tight control of their expenditure on properties, regular refurbishment is a necessity to maintain customer loyalty, room rates and market share. Especially with the hotel sector coming back to prominence after a turbulent two years, it’s critical these environments stand out from the crowd. With Architectural Film we have the perfect solution, which can improve a hotels bottom line and aesthetics at the same time.

Flexible Application

The flexibility of architectural film means its suitable for a whole range of substrates, within a host of environments in the hotel. Whether that’s the hotel bar, restaurant, reception area, lobby, spa, gym, hotel room, or even bathrooms, architectural film really can lend itself to any of these internal spaces.

The finishes are not limited to flat surfaces either. The products can conform with heat, allowing almost any surface to be wrapped, with our wrapping materials there really is no boundaries to these products.

Design potential

Whatever the design requirement in the hotel setting, we really can meet it.

Different colours resonate with different moods, which are ever changing in the different areas of a hotel. With our range of Architectural Film these trends can be met with ease. With over 1500 patterns in the range, the design potential is unlimited! The only thing holding you back is your own imagination.

Whether it’s a; wood, fabric, marble, stone, leather, metallic, solid colour or glitter finish you are after, we have it. You may be thinking ‘are these films realistic?’ To answer this simply, yes, they are so, so realistic. You would easily mistake these films for the real thing. You really have to feel it to believe it.

With added technology also built into the films, such as matte, abrasion resistant and soft touch, the products offer a high-impact result with sophisticated designs to boot.

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Save Time, Save Money

The overhaul of the hotel environment can be very problematic in many cases, especially when you’re using traditional methods of refurbishing. In times gone by, rip out and replace methods have been used, which entails a whole lot of disruption, noise and mess, with whole hotel wings being closed down in some cases due to the refurbishment. This all points to one thing. Loss of earnings for the hotel.

With architectural film, you really are taking this headache away. The simplicity of the application means that there will be no disruption to business, the process is much quicker too. No ripping out and replacing fire doors or other substrates, you will be able to simply uplift the existing surfaces which are in situ.

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In a hotel you really need a product that can stand up to the wear and tear a high traffic environment like this would endure. In Architectural Film you have a product you can rely on.

Especially in a product like 3M DI-NOC you have a product that’s ahead of the competition, and it is proven. Its wear and tear resistance are equivalent to HPLs with 4 times more resistance to scratching over painted surfaces. Its impact test also demonstrates higher performance than paint and competitive substrates, at 30% stronger, the impact resistance is equivalent to a suitcase, emphasising its suitability to the hotel environment.

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Transform your view of hotel design