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Leisure Wraps

Like many other industries, the leisure sector in the UK has been impacted hugely by the Coronavirus pandemic over the last 2 years.

With restrictions being relaxed in recent times this has signified a boom in individuals going back to use the leisure facilities, and with business within this sector beginning to pick up refurbishments which have been put off due to the understandable uncertainty the pandemic has caused are beginning to be planned back in.

This is where architectural finishes come into their own. In many cases there are so many environments within the leisure sector which can be refurbished, from; receptions areas, to bars, washrooms, spas, locker rooms and much more. Architectural films can be used in all of these environments, offering the opportunity of a one-stop solution for a leisure facilities refurbishment.

Minimal Disruption

Disruption is one of the biggest headaches when it comes to a refurbishment. Closing down specific environments for a refurb can cost a business a lot of money which is far from ideal.

With architectural films you really are taking this stress away. Take this image for example, architectural film was simply applied on top of these lockers with minimal mess, noise and fuss. Allowing for the locker room to remain open despite the refurbishment. Saving both time and money.

Multi-Application Product

As mentioned in the intro, the leisure sector can encompass a huge array of environments, which makes it just perfect for architectural films.

But how you ask? Well. The conformability of the film allows the product to adhere to irregular shapes, and with heat, most patterns can even stretch. So, whether it’s; walls, doors, counters, tables or any other substrate there is a strong chance architectural film will be the answer!

Water and Moisture Resistant

When talking about architectural films, the main selling points are generally around design potential, cost savings and flexibility of the product, and rightly so. But. These are not the only USP’s these films have to offer.

Especially when it comes to best-in-class products like 3M DI-NOC there are other advantages which can be so important. For instance, spa’s, the fact 3M DI-NOC are brilliantly resistant to water and moisture allow the product    to be applied in this environment, ticking another application box.

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