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Showroom refurbishments here at HG Surface are fast becoming the projects we are becoming synonymous with in terms of the utilisation of Architectural Film and we love it!

The usage of this product in this environment is growing and growing, and it’s easy to see why. There is so many surfaces Architectural Film is perfect for in this environment, the opportunities are truly endless from both an interior and exterior perspective.

Window Frame Wrapping

Gone of the days where you have to keep your boring white pvc window frame, or face replacing them at a very large cost. With our films you can simply change the look of your interior and exterior frames with Architectural Film. Such a simple yet effective way of transforming the look of these substrates.

The images to the right show a window frame project on Renault Grimsby wrapped to matt white from grey. We managed to save this showroom a massive cost in terms of our price vs replacing with brand new.


So, what are our costs?


The price for this size showroom would be around £6500+VAT.


Built into the cost of this would be the entrance doors and frames which start from £250+VAT for a single door and £400+VAT for the electric sliding door. Wrapped in 3M 10-year guaranteed colour match architectural film.


Internal Doors

From an interiors point of view in the showroom environment, Architectural Film really is the dream solution when it comes to a refurbishment in this interior setting. One very popular usage of Architectural Film within the showroom setting is on internal doors. With the surface being so flat, the application is so, so easy meaning that these surfaces can be overhauled in no time at all, without causing much disruption to business.

Here are some images (to the left) of an internal door wrap at Renault Grimsby where the doors have been transformed from beach to walnut.

Our 3M DI-NOC wood effect door wraps start from around £200+VAT a door, fully installed and refitted.


Window Manifestations

Glass design can be such a forgotten application within any environment, let alone the showroom one. Nevertheless, it’s very much fair to say that there is a lot of interior glass within the showroom environment, and we have the decorative window films to turn your glass into a design statement. Whether you’re looking for privacy, décor or both, we have the decorative window film for you in our expansive range.

The images in this example (to the right) show the utilisation of 3M dusted Crystal frosted used on a showroom window manifestation.

Our full window manifestation packages are available and our installation meet all relevant regulations.


Colour Change Cladding Wrap

Showroom Exteriors represent such an important part of the showroom itself. First impressions mean everything, and the exterior of the showroom gives these businesses an opportunity to make a good first impression, and with our range of exterior films, you will make a good first impression, and that’s a promise.

Our exterior wrapping films have provided countless showrooms with a great option (And result) of changing their tired exterior cladding and facades, into ones that look as good as new. With RAL colour matching also available, we can meet the demands of brand guidelines on any of the wrapping we do to the exterior of the building. Whatever your brand colours, we can match it.

Some other key benefits of using a wrapping film on exteriors include:

> Minimum business disruption & downtime

> Faster, cleaner and more

> Meets fire certification EN13501-1, B-s1, d0

> Faster, cleaner and more efficient application (vs. paint)

> High durability

>Avoids frequent refurbishment projects – lasts up to ten years

> Protects surfaces against decay

> No discomfort from odours for applicators or building users


What’s next?

Have a showroom environment that you would like refurbishing? Simply get in touch.

One of our core values in our business is service. It really is something we take so seriously, and more specifically, ensuring that we provide you with the best one possible.

When you send your enquiry into us, we will get back to you as soon as possible, and that’s a promise. From there we will be able to take you through the whole process of the job. From initial consultation, to quoting, to project management of the refurbishment, fulfilment of the application itself, right through to after care.



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