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Elevate The Look of Your Lifts…

Forgive the pun, but this is no joke… Architectural wrapping is the new kid on the block in the interior, and exterior, refurbishment landscape and should be seriously considered when it comes refreshing the look of your lifts. In an area which sees a lot of high traffic, keeping the look of your lifts in tip top condition can be challenging. This is where our solution, architectural wrapping, steps in to make a lift refurbishment as simple as possible.

Minimal Disruption

A traditional method of refurbishment for a lift can cause absolute nightmares for commercial business. Closures, noise, logistics and cost are all bi products of doing it the old way of ripping it out and replacing. Take a hotel for example, ripping out a lift can mean room closures or annoyance to occupants who can hear the noise. This all can lead to one thing, effecting the businesses bottom line.

With our wrapping alternative, you really are taking all the stress away. The most disruptive part of our interior wrapping installation is a heat gun. You wouldn’t even notice that the HG Team will have been into your environment, and you’ll have a brand-new lift.

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Interior Refurbishment

When it comes to commercial buildings, lifts are an important piece of the jigsaw, providing employees, customers, and the like with a way to travel up and down to different areas of the establishment. Lifts can be memorable to visitors, in some cases for all the right and wrong reasons, but nevertheless when it comes to a lift refurbishment, it’s integral you get it right.

Here at HG Surface, we can bring to you one of the latest applications in the interior refurbishment landscape, lift wrapping. Lift wrapping really is the dream scenario for lift refurbishments, providing the ultimate cost saving, waste reducing and minimal disruptive solution when it comes to updating your lifts.

Prices start from £30 p/sqm

Design Potential

Whatever the design requirement in your lift refurbishment, rest assured the HG Surface team can match it.

With over 1000 patterns in the range, the design potential is unlimited! The only thing holding you back is your own imagination.

Whether it’s a; wood, fabric, marble, stone, leather, metallic, solid colour, or glitter finish you are after, we’ll have it. You may be thinking ‘are these films realistic?’ To answer this simply, yes, they are so realistic you would easily mistake these films for the real thing. You really must feel it to believe it.

With added technology also built into the films, such as matte, abrasion resistant and soft touch, the products offer a high-impact result with sophisticated designs to boot.

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Easy Application

A big plus of using an architectural wrap in many situations is the conformability of the products, as they allow us to apply the film to a whole host of different surfaces.

However, in the main, lift surfaces are flat, in turn making wrapping even more of a great option, because ultimately, it’s so easy and quick. Film applies really well to the stainless-steel doors on a lift too, as well as any of the other smooth and proper surfaces in the interior or exterior of the lift.


The lift environment is one that does endure a lot of traffic, so it’s important that whatever product is used in this space, is up to the day-to-day rigors it will face. It’s safe to say that the architectural wrapping products we use are up to this and are the most durable in the industry. The high-performing products have a warranty for 12 years for interior applications (and will probably last for longer), meaning the products are there to stay.

In fact, although you can remove the product (with heat), you are more likely to wrap on top of this product than removing it.

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