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Here at HG Surface, we are so much more than just installers of material. Think of us as your very own project management team, we will be on hand from your initial enquiry right through to the aftercare, the service we provide really is a truly holistic one that is unrivalled.

Genuine Help and Assistance

One of the core values within our business is service. It really is something we take seriously, and more specifically, ensuring that we provide you with the best one possible. We love to build long lasting relationships with our customers and have a passion for getting involved with exciting projects.


When you send your enquiry into us, we will get back to you as soon as possible, and that’s a promise. Here at HG Surface, we understand that Architectural Film is a relatively new concept to many still despite its growth, so, with that in mind, our knowledgeable team will be on hand to talk you through any queries and questions you have. Whether it’s the pros of using Architectural Film, technical advice or even design advice, we are there to help.


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Open and Honest Budget Planning

Here at HG, we fully understand that projects must hit a budget, therefore we offer a complete open and honest policy on pricing and will always be open to working with you to do our very best to bring your project in on budget.

Initially we ask for photos of the area to be wrapped and rough measurements for us to be able to give you a guide price as to where this solution would be on cost, depending on finish. Allowing our clients to consider cost and come back to us at this stage we’ve found to be extremely beneficial. Open and honest conversations about cost, early in the process, enable free flowing conversation and a trust that we’re offering just what it is you require.

Sampling, Design and Site Assessment Services

Choosing the right finish for your project can be difficult, as well as factoring in the right specification to suit your requirements. So, with this in mind we offer
visual presentations, sample installs and site assessments enabling us to take you through the process, provide a visual representation of what it is you’re setting out to achieve and check the application environment, measure up and perform an adhesion test ensuring that nothing has been overlooked when we come to provide an accurate quote.

Sampling and design can be so beneficial, after all an online swatch of a particular pattern can only do so much, you really do need to see, touch, and feel the products and once you do, you will be completely sold.

Project Management and Installation Strategies

No stone is left unturned when it comes to your project. Service is at our core, so we really will go that extra mile for you to ensure that the project runs as smoothly as possible. Our team of individuals bring together their strengths in project management and organisation, along with technical aspects of an installation and can strategize a plan to bring about minimal downtime in your business with maximum impact.

The application of Architectural Film is unquestionably the most important part of the whole process. In HG Surface, you have a company that you can count on to execute a successful, no hassle installation. Our team of installers are 3M accredited, giving you the guarantee that our work is completed to the highest level, not only in terms of quality but with its attention to detail too. Providing you with that extra peace of mind.

Doing What We Say

A big part of our values is we do what we say! It sounds so simple yet so many people miss the mark with this one. Each member of our team takes extreme ownership for their part that they play, and this allows the whole team to deliver what it is we say we’re going to.

We’re a highly motivated and skilled team of individuals who together have been responsible for some incredible transformations of surfaces both internally and externally. From bespoke design projects to full building wrap refurbishments, we have the knowledge, skill set and team to ensure we deliver and do what we say we are going to.

Industry Leading Warranty and Aftercare

We’re industry endorsed installers and with that comes an industry leading warranty direct from the vinyl manufacturers. We’ve shown that we have what it takes to be one of the best and with that our suppliers have trust in our application delivery, so that if anything was to go a miss, this would be covered by a warranty direct from them.

At HG Surface the aftercare provided to you and your project is not an afterthought. Following the installation and completion of a project we are only ever a phone call away to answer any queries you may have; we can be on hand to advise and help with anything you are encountering, and we ensure you are fully satisfied with the end product. We are with you every step of the way.

With Architectural Film, every surface becomes an opportunity. Realise your redesign potential with HG Surface