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The Emergence of Interior Wrapping

It’s safe to say that wrapping interiors is fast becoming the new phenomenon in the interior design world and in many cases is very much the go-to solution for facilities managers, interior designers and the like.

Undoubtedly, the future of interior wrapping and the utilisation of architectural finishes is an exciting one and is one that is set to grow and grow over the coming years.

However! Many of you reading this blog today may be wondering what interior wrapping entails and what is possible. And you might even be starting to think (having read the first two paragraphs) ‘what on earth is an architectural finish?’

Do not worry.

In this blog we will explain to you what interior wrapping is all about, where it came from and also we will give you a little glimpse into the future.

What is Interior Architectural Wrapping?

So. Let’s address the elephant in the room. What is interior architectural wrapping?

To put it in simplistic terms interior architectural wrapping is the process of repurposing existing surfaces within the interior environment with a self-adhesive film. The film is simply applied on top of existing substrates to give them a brand-new look and feel.

No matter the surface, whether that’s flat or even 3D, the architectural films will be able to conform and adhere, making them suitable for a whole host of environments in the interior setting. Not forgetting the products bring the same high-end results a traditional method of refurbishing would deliver.

With over 1500 finishes in the portfolio, from a wide range of pattern groups, the possibilities in interior design are truly endless too.

How has Architectural Wrapping Emerged?

So, we’ve told you what interior wrapping is. Now we’re going to tell you where it came from.

Believe it or not wrapping is not a new concept, and we’ll let you into a little secret… neither is the concept of interior wrapping. To tell you the truth it’s been around for decades!

So, what’s changed I hear you ask?

In the sign and graphics world we have seen a huge market change over the last 40 years. We have seen a shift from traditional painting on vehicles to where we are today… vehicle wrapping, which boomed in the early 00’s and has continued to blossom to this day.

The ideology of wrapping has definitely transcended into interiors, with interior film products skyrocketing in popularity around the world in recent times, particularly in the Asian, American and Italian markets. It’s safe to say that this trend has now hit the UK market. We are beginning to see this concept of refurbishing used more and more every day.

The products seem to evolve almost as fast as they grow too! With the new technology advancements and new patterns seemingly coming out on the daily, there seems to be no end in the possibilities with architectural film.

What’s the future?

What’s next for interior wrapping?

When it comes to architectural film, the only thing holding you back is your own imagination. There truly is no limit to the possibilities with architectural film.

As established already in this blog, the popularity in the concept of wrapping interiors is growing all the time. Combine the growth with the possibilities in the product not only from a design perspective but from an application point of view too (not to mention a number of other benefits this method of refurbishing brings), you really do have a product with an unlimited ceiling.

We predict in the not to distant future that architectural film will begin to dominate the commercial refurb market. The future is bright.

There we have it, that is our ‘The Emergence of Interior Wrapping’ blog all wrapped up.

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