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Transform Interior and Exterior Design with Wrap

If you have any affinity to the sign and graphics industry, you will have undoubtedly seen that architectural film is transcending the industry and, the way we see it, the trend is showing no signs of slowing down.

The architectural wrapping trend has certainly made it our way here at Team HG!, leading to the inception of HG Surface, with architectural work becoming a bigger and bigger player in the operation of our business. More often than not, you’ll find our team on site refurbishing a commercial environment with architectural film.

What we have found though over the years, is the lack of knowledge people have in terms of the capabilities this service offering can bring to the commercial setting. In this blog, we are going to dive deep into the possibilities with film and how this solution can transform your view of interior and exterior design.


Before we get inside a commercial building, let’s not forget about the outside.

It’s true what they say, first impressions count for a lot, with some studies showing that individuals making their mind up about you and your business within the first 10 seconds of an interaction. So, with that in mind, you want to ensure your building exterior is looking up to scratch, right?

With exterior wrap, you really can make a great first impression. Exterior wrapping is fast becoming our go to gig at HG Surface and we have wrapped so many exterior claddings and facades, making tired and dated exteriors look as good as new.

From both a design and business perspective, wrapping really does make so much sense. With RAL colour matching also available, we can meet the demands of brand guidelines on any of the wrapping we do to the exterior of the building. With no drying time required and the process being so fast, there is no need to shut down during the process and before you know it, the exterior transformation will be complete.

But, will it last? I hear you ask. A very fair question to ask, and a question we’ve had many times before. The simple answer is yes! The products we use are best in class and are guaranteed to last you a minimum of 10 years, with case studies suggesting they will last even longer too.

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Window Frames

There is no doubt about it, windows frames really are an untapped market when it comes to architectural wrapping.

We really do mean it when we say, gone are the days where you have to keep your boring white pvc or aluminium window frames, or face replacing them at a very large cost. The flexibility in the material allows the film to expertly adhere to an irregular substrate like a window frame.

Ultimately, this method allows you to quite simply change the look of your window frames in a simple, quick, effective and most importantly for commercial business, non-disruptive way.

Our message really is simple when it comes to your window frames. Wrap it, don’t rip it.

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Interior Furniture

Interior furniture really is where the concept of architectural wrapping as a refurbishment solution comes into its own in the commercial environment.

The conformability of the products we use mean that the film can lend themselves to a whole host of substrates in the internal setting, with the materials being able to stretch, adhering to both flat, curved and irregular surfaces.

A biproduct of the above is that the films are used in a whole host of different commercial environments and trust us, we’ve used them to great effect in so many sectors. From retail to hospitality to education and leisure, to name just a few.

When it comes to the interior design requirements, architectural films have you covered on this score too. With 1000’s of aesthetics available that perfectly mimic the see, touch and feel of real materials, at a fraction of the cost. The industry saying is…. The only thing holding you back is your own imagination.

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Glass Design

Make your glass a design statement.

The differentiation and scope of opportunities when it comes to architectural film spreads its wings once more when we start thinking about glass films and how they can allow glass to be so much more than a structural necessity or a gateway to light.

Whether you’re looking to bring a better aesthetic to your commercial setting to help inspire staff or would like to bring an element of privacy to proceedings in certain areas of your setting, or even both, we have you covered (literally)!

Not only does glass decor bring a stunning look, but the disruption also (like all architectural films) is next to non-existent, allowing your glass to be totally transformed in no time at all and without impacting the running of your business.

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Wall and Floor Graphics

It’s not just architectural films where HG Surface can help you with your commercial transformation, the utilisation of printed wall and floor graphics can put the final touches to your internal environment.

Graphics are a great tool to tell a story throughout your interior space.

Let’s take wall graphics for example. Bespoke wall graphics are a great way to add creativity to your business interiors. The beauty of the graphics we use is that you can be as flexible as you like and can change it whenever you like. Whether you’re looking to show off the history of the business, your portfolio, achievements or core values for both your employees and clients to see, all is possible with wall graphics.

With printed floor graphics you can also apply tasteful vinyl graphics to give your office a fresh and modern look. Perhaps you’re looking to divide your space, provide wayfinding graphics, or maybe you want to use them just to look good or inspire. All of this possible and more with floor graphics.

This brings us to the conclusion of our transforming commercial interior and exterior design with wrap blog. As you can see, the utilising of architectural wrap really can provide the ultimate one-stop solution to your next commercial refurbishment, with the same results more traditional methods refurbishing can bring, without the hassle!

Inspired and have a commercial project in mind? Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at hello@teamhg.co.uk, or alternatively call us on 01977 651017.

Be inspired by the possibilities in architectural wrapping.