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Washroom refurbishments really are a necessary evil, and in the commercial environment they are an obvious necessity. Although washrooms aren’t front of house, if they are neglected or generally not ‘pleasant’, it’s an experience that can ultimately stick in the customers mind, and this can lead to negative perceptions being created about your business.

With our wrapping solution products, we can provide you with a game changing solution that can bring you so many short term and long term benefits that more traditional methods of overhauling simply can’t deliver.

Design Potential

No matter what look you’re going for in the washroom environment in terms of design, rest assured we can match it and meet your design objectives.

In the Architectural Wrapping portfolio, there are over 1000 patterns in the range. The range is so vast that the only thing holding you back is your own imagination.

Whether it’s a; wood, fabric, marble, stone, leather, metallic, solid colour, or glitter finish you are after, we’ll have it. You may be thinking ‘are these films realistic?’ To answer this simply, yes, they are so realistic you would easily mistake these films for the real thing. You really must feel it to believe it.

If you’re looking for a matte finish or even a film that has added durability, we have special abrasion resistant finishes that can stand up to the day-to-day traffic a washroom environment would endure.

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Application possibilities

When it comes to the possible application of film in the washroom environment, this really is where the product comes into its own, as there really are minimal boundaries when it comes to possibilities due to the flexibility in the film. Whether you’re looking to energise doors, walls, glass décor, splash back or toilet cubicles, you can transform all of these surfaces with film.

Another underrated benefit of being able to transform multiple surfaces with one product is that you eliminate the need for using multiple tradesmen. This is a dream for facility managers and the like in commercial environments.

Cost savings

Despite the architectural wrapping products we use being highly engineered films that are very much a high-end solution, these products can indeed save you money. After the two years we have had, we are all tightening our purse strings, aren’t we? If you can save money in refurbishing your commercial washrooms without the quality whittling, you’re going to jump at the chance.

Here at HG Surface, we can save up to a 1/5th of the cost with our wrapping option opposed to completely ripping out and replacing. In fact, statistics show that a brand new complete commercial washroom could cost you £40,000 where wrapping the same substrates could cost you as little as £9,000. A real no brainer.

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Minimal Disruption

Disruption is never ideal during a refurb, but when it comes to a washroom refurbishment, disruption really can have a significant impact on commercial businesses. Using a traditional rip out and replace method of refurbishing can mean a lot of noise, a lot of time and could even lead to a closure, which is far from ideal for this environment.

With architectural film, you really are taking this headache away. The simplicity of the application means that there will be minimal disruption to business, and the process is much quicker too.

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