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What’s the Future of Architectural Film?

Prior to this blog, we have brought you two blogs around Architectural Film. First up, we looked into where Architectural Film came from, and why it’s becoming the new phenomenon in the building refurbishment world. Then, we showed you how flexible the film was and why facilities managers, owners and the like are using this method of refurbishing in a whole host of different environments over more traditional methods.

In our latest blog, we’re taking you into the future. More specifically, we are going to tell you how we see the Architectural Finishes products diversifying and how that’s going to change the building industry over the coming years.


The popularity of Architectural Film is going only one way and that is up!

As we discussed in recent blogs, we really have only scratched the surface when it comes to the possibilities with these products. We are seeing more and more projects on the daily in more and more different environments. The more cases studies we are seeing the more trust people have in the product to be used in their environment too.

As we like to say here at HG Surface, every surface becomes an opportunity with Architectural Film. And as time goes on, more surfaces become tired or even outdated, providing the perfect opening for film to be utilised.

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Improved Portfolio

We predict that the Architectural finishes portfolio is just going to get better and better in the coming years.

Why? I hear you ask. Well. Because it has continued to do so over the recent years, and we have absolutely no reason to believe that this is going to change.

Let’s take 3M DI-NOC range for instance. Over the recent years new patterns like Suedes and Chipboard have come into the portfolio and we have even seen new technology like ‘matte’ films and ‘Abrasion Resistant’ films that have provided us with an offering to our customer like no other product can in the industry. A truly leading-edge solution.

We are certainly keeping our eyes peeled to see what the manufacturers of these films have up their sleeve next!

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Eco Offering

Green Design. Sustainability. Eco-friendly.

However you want to describe it, it’s here and it’s here to stay.

Of course, the vast majority of our customers see Architectural Film as a product that ticks the sustainability box. For good reason. Wrapping surfaces can extend the life of structurally sound substrates, which ultimately reduces the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

Having said all of that, we can’t get away from the fact the film is a PVC product. But don’t threat! We know that round the corner an e version of architectural film will become readily available in the UK. Helping us provide you with the ultimate sustainable solution in interior and exterior design.

There we have it. That rounds off our ‘What’s the future of Architectural Film?’ blog.

Want to step into the future and bring Architectural Film to your next interior or exterior redesign? Don’t hesitate to get in touch my emailing us on hello@teamhg.co.uk, or calling us on 01977 804714.

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