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Why Choose 3M DI-NOC for a Commercial Refurb

There is no doubt about it, architectural wrap is beginning to transcend the way commercial environments look at refurbishing.

Here at HG Surface, we are seeing time and time again clients come to us wanting to explore the possibility of utilising architectural films to transform their interior and exterior setting, and it’s something we are certainly not complaining about!

Our message is clear, architectural wrap is perfect for commercial refurbs. But. There are products that are suitable and there are those that are simply not.

In this blog, we will dive into the concept of wrapping in the commercial setting, but more specifically, why 3M DI-NOC is the best product to use when refurbishing these environments.


How long will it last?

Is always one of the first questions we get asked by stakeholders in the commercial setting and is very much a fair question. After all, commercial buildings are high traffic areas where the durability of the products used are pivotal.

It’s all well and good the product looking amazing and saving you lots of money, but if the product is going to fail, what’s the point?

In regard to the architectural film with the highest durability, there really is only one answer… 3M DI-NOC. When it comes to interiors, the product has a warranty for 12 years and will last longer. The product is very much there to stay.

Within the portfolio of finishes in the DI-NOC range, there are also specialist Abrasion Resistant patterns, that are even more resolute than the standard products, making them perfect for counter tops and tables where traffic is even higher.

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Commercially Tested

The proof is in the pudding.

One of the biggest problems in the early stages of architectural wrap in the UK was ultimately the trust in the solution. There was a lack of case studies out there which brought a lot of trepidation around the solution.

Which is completely understandable, right?

When it comes to 3M DI-NOC, it’s now safe to say that a sentence we can now say with confidence is that wrapping really is a trusted solution. The product has been used in a multitude of commercial environments, at big players like Holiday Inn and Renault to name just two.

Not only have the products being trusted to be used in these settings, but they have also stood the test of time too, till this very day!

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Downtime Minimised

When it comes to commercial refurbishments, a big tick for architectural wrap is the minimal disruption the method entails, bringing a huge USP when it comes to the concept of wrapping interiors.

The best way to explain this is by giving you a real-life example. So, let’s take a hotel for example.

Picture this, a hotel is in desperate need for a full refurbishment. If they go down a traditional rip out and replace method of refurbishing, this is going to cause a lot of disruption to business, probably in all honesty resulting in a lengthy closure for the hotel.

Just think about the money this will cost!

3M DI-NOC can make this disruption far less, as the makeup of the product results in the installation process being easier (and therefore quicker) than other competitive materials. Meaning you can be in and out in no time at all.

Multiple Applications

The conformability of 3M DI-NOC is another key USP of this game changing product and for the commercial setting.

Unlike a lot of competitive films out there, DI-NOC conforms elegantly with heat meaning the film isn’t limited to just flat surfaces, the products can in fact adhere to most surfaces, making them ideal for a whole host of different applications. Whether that’s; walls, tables, reception desks, cabinets or much more, the opportunities are truly endless.

The fact the film can go onto so many different surfaces means the product is perfect for an array of different sectors in the commercial environment too, providing a one-stop solution.

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Proven Installation

Earlier in this piece we told you that the product is trusted in the commercial setting. Well, when it comes to the application with HG Surface, the installation is trusted too.

In the HG Surface team, you really do have a team you can trust when it comes to the install of this project. Our team of installers have all the necessary accredited endorsements when it comes to applying these films, as well as a wealth of experience in completing DI-NOC applications.

From site surveys, to prep work, application and even after care, our skilled team take every necessary step to make sure the best installation is undertaken.

Design possibilities

When it comes to design possibilities, this really is when 3M DI-NOC comes into its own.

There is truly nothing holding you back, with the range of films being quite simply outstanding. With 1000+ finishes available in the portfolio from a vast variety of patterns families, you really can meet the demands of any project with 3M DI-NOC Architectural Film.

Not only is every base covered with film, one of the most impressive things about the range is the continued improvement in terms of the patterns available. Staying ahead of the game in terms of trends is another USP 3M has over the rest, with the R&D outlay allowing them to keep delivering in vogue finishes time and time again.

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Best In Class

Above all else, 3M DI-NOC should be the product you use in the commercial setting because it is ultimately the best-in-class architectural film out there in the industry.

It really is as simple as that.

As we know, DI-NOC is not the only architectural film out there. Some are good, some are nasty. But none match up to the quality of 3M DI-NOC, and that really is a HG promise.

The facts are there, with testing’s showing DI-NOC is 6X more UV resistant, 5X more dimensionally stable and 2X more abrasion resistant than any other film.

It’s true what they say. Not all films are created equal.

This brings us to the conclusion of our why choose 3M DI-NOC for a commercial refurb blog. Interested in utilising DI-NOC in your environment? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing us at hello@teamhg.co.uk or if you would prefer to call, you can contact us on 01977 804714.

Be inspired by the possibilities in architectural wrapping.