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Bar Wrap Complete for University College


To refurbish the bar area within a university college, giving the bar a transformation in terms of look and feel.


The main challenge for this project was to find a solution that could bring the durability that was required along with the desired design aesthetic.


To meet both the aesthetical and functional objectives this job had, a wood grain 3M DI-NOC architectural finish was selected.

When revamping surfaces within the bar environment, there is a multitude of factors that you need to consider. From the design aspirations of the client to the performance of the products, downtime and much more, choosing the right solution that can tick as many boxes as possible is ever so important. In architectural wrapping, and more specifically, 3M DI-NOC architectural film, lies the ultimate refurbishment solution for this environment.

For this project, the 3M accredited HG Surface team partnered with FASTSIGNS to deliver a bar wrap refurbishment for Hartpury University & College, where the client was looking for a recovering solution that could bring their aesthetical requirements to life.

The Challenge

This job was slightly different to many typical HG Surface projects, as on this occasions HG were being used solely for their application skill set rather than managing the project from the initial enquiry stage. Friends of Team HG!, FASTSIGNS had won a job to complete a transformation of the bar area within the Harpuntry University set up, and required a skilled team to complete the install. As a result, the services of the 3M DI-NOC accredited HG Surface team were sought after.

‘’This project had us working on behalf of FASTSIGNS, and when they got in touch with us about completing the install, this job was at an advanced stage in terms of the negotiation process. The University were looking to apply a wood grain finish to bring a much-improved look to their bar area, and following a consultation, it had been distinguished that WG-166 from the 3M DI-NOC range would be used to transform the current substrate,’’ Said Gavin Cocliff, Owner of HG Surface.

Gavin added, ‘’What was required from us was to ultimately provide a comprehensive project management service in terms of the application of this job. This included the conduction of a site assessment, a plan of action in terms of works, which the client was more than happy with. Following this, it was very much application time.’’

The Project

Once the plan of works was ironed out, the HG Surface team got to the application in hand. All in all, this was a fairly simply installation for the Surface team, as in the main, this was just a flat installation, which made things a lot easier. Before getting stuck into the application of the film, the HG team cleaned and prepped the surfaces, which included reinstalling the existing hardware. Once this was done 11metres of 3M DI-NOC’s WG-166 was installed, taking 2 of the team 6-7 hours.

The Results

3M DI-NOC was used to great effect on this project, with the overall aesthetic of the bar area being very much improved by the application of the wood grain finish. This synopsis was shared by the client of FASTSIGNS too, with HG receiving feedback that the University was delighted with how the film brought a cleaner, more modernised feel to proceedings.

‘’We were really pleased with how this project went and even more delighted with how happy both FASTSIGNS and their client were with the result. As far as the application goes on this one, it was a simple one for our team, but nevertheless, all the necessary steps were taken to ensure the job was done right. When it comes to architectural wrapping projects, we are very much in our comfort zone, as the experiences we have gained over the years have put us in a great place to be able to successfully deliver on these types of jobs.’’ Said Gavin.

Before Before
After After

Why use 3M DI-NOC?

Architectural wrapping is the perfect solution for a bar environment like this one. In terms of traffic, the bar area can be very much classed as a ‘high traffic’ one, so it’s imperative that any product used in this environment needs to be durable, and in 3M DI-NOC architectural film you have the most robust product out there in the industry. The installation of DI-NOC brings you a solution that can stand up to the wear and tear bar surfaces endure, with the products lasting a minimum of 10 years.

This brings us to the conclusion of the write up on this university bar project. Although the utilisation of architectural wrapping is perfect for this environment, it isn’t the only application that is perfect for wrap. The flexibility and robustness in the products mean that this solution is great for a variety of applications, in an array of different sectors. Check out our services section to see what else is possible.

Want to explore the possibility of using architectural wrap in an upcoming project? Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at hello@teamhg.co.uk.

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