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Hotel Applications

The hotel environment provides the perfect opportunity to use Architectural Films. Not only do the products have the ability to be used in a whole host of areas within this environment but the products also brings so many other benefits to hoteliers too. Let’s take a look at some of the key USP’s on why architectural film is such a growing refurbishment solution in the hotel setting.

Minimal Disruption

No mess. No noise. Minimal Disruption. Is the ultimate result of using Architectural Film in the hotel environment and that really must be music to the ears of both hotel owners and facility managers. Traditionally, hotels have turned to more traditional ways of refurbishing, usually going for the ‘rip out and replace’ methods which although have their positives, can also be a very disruptive way of doing things, and the effect it can have on a hotel can be big.

A rip out and replace method means a lot of disruption and also means closure to the hotels themselves in most cases. As mentioned, using architectural film can really take this pain away. The application of these products is so seamless you almost wouldn’t realise a refurbishment was taking place, and it would be over before you knew it. With this method of refurbishment there would be no need to have any full closures, saving stress, time and money, whilst being environmentally conscious as a business.

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Ultimate Flexibility

The flexibility of Architectural Film really is a key USP which makes them so appealing for hoteliers.

The films are not limited to flat surfaces. The products can conform with heat, allowing almost any surface to be wrapped, making them ideal for a range of different substrates, in turn making the products perfect for a whole host of environments within a hotel itself.

There really are no limits with these products. Hotel rooms, spas, washrooms, lobbies, bars, restaurants, reception areas, lifts or anything else you can think of, there is no boundaries with film.

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Maximum Durability

In a hotel you really need a product that can withstand the wear and tear a high traffic environment like this would endure. In Architectural Film you have a product you can rely on.

Especially with a product like 3M DI-NOC you have a product that’s ahead of the competition, and it is proven. Its wear and tear resistance are equivalent to HPLs with 4 times more resistance to scratching over painted surfaces. Its impact test also demonstrates higher performance than paint and competitive substrates, at 30% stronger, the impact resistance is equivalent to a suitcase, emphasising its suitability to the hotel environment.

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Design Potential

Whatever the design requirement in your hotel setting, we really can meet it. With over 1500 patterns in our Architectural Finishes portfolio, meeting the demands of any project is not a problem, you are almost spoilt for choice! Whether it’s a; wood, fabric, marble, stone, leather, metallic, solid colour or glitter finish you are after, we have it. You may be thinking ‘are these films realistic?’ To answer this simply, yes, they are so realistic you would easily mistake these films for the real thing. You really have to feel it to believe it, ask us for a sample today!

With added technology also built into the films, such as matte, abrasion resistant and soft touch, the products offer a high-impact result with sophisticated designs.

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