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DI-NOC Provides the Answer for Holiday Inn Express


Holiday Inn Express Lincoln had the requirement of transforming 24 hotel rooms in their establishment, where substrates within these rooms had become tired and dated over a period of time. There was also a need to refresh the reception desks in the lobby area.


Although a refurbishment was necessary, the main challenge the hotel had was that there wasn’t a huge budget available, but the overhaul they wanted was a high-end result..


HG Surface and 3M DI-NOC Architectural Film was sought out to complete this refurbishment, with the task of fulfilling this project on budget whilst providing great results.

Although expensive and a headache for those involved in the managing of the process, hotel refurbishments is something that is absolutely necessary if you want to keep your hotel looking modern and fresh. Staying ahead of the game and the competition is hard work and requires a lot of thought, as customers expect a lot nowadays, whether they’re visiting a bar in the heart of a busy city or booking a room in a seaside hotel.

It’s so important that you get your refurbishment right and spend your money wisely, and in Architectural Wrapping it’s safe to say that there is a game changing solution out there to allow you to get the results you want.

In this instance, Holiday Inn Express Lincoln required a renovation of 24 hotel rooms, and their reception area. Their objectives were simple yet challenging, with a high-end result at a low-cost top of their priority list. Through the utilisation of 3M DI-NOC Architectural Film and Endorsed DI-NOC installers HG Surface, their dreams were able to become a reality.

The Challenge

Selling the concept of Architectural Wrapping to this client was definitely a challenge for HG Surface. The team at the Holiday Inn Express had never seen the products used before, so there was an obvious trepidation about using the products for this refurbishment. However, following a consultation with the HG Surface team and the completion of a trial room, the hotel was more than happy to go ahead with the project.

‘’It’s undeniable that the hotel needed quite a bit of convincing before the project got the go ahead which is very much understandable. We did a site assessment and presentation to the team, which they were very impressed with but still felt they needed to see the product in action, so we offered to do a free trial room’’. Said Lauren Siddons, Director of HG Surface.

Lauren continued ‘’The hotel was astonished by the speed and results of the trial room we did and were completely sold on the concept following this which was great. From a cost perspective we hit the mark too, with our costs coming in significantly under what the hotel had been quoted for a full rip and replace job. This allowed us to get cracking on the job itself.’’

The Project

Following the completion of the site assessment, presentation and trial room, the project got the go ahead. Below outlines exactly what the project entailed.

In total

>24 Hotel rooms refurbed

>2 Reception Lobby Tables Wrapped

>19 Desk Work Tops Wrapped

>10 Lower Desk Draws Wrapped

>5 Upper Desk TV Shelves Wrapped

>9 Dressing Unit Top Shelves Wrapped

>13 Dressing Unit Edges Wrapped

>4 Bedside Units Wrapped

For this project 2 installers were used across 8 days. From a material perspective, there was a consistent material used within the rooms, with a 3M DI-NOC Trend Line Wood Grain utilised, with a 3M DI-NOC Metallic finish used on the 2 reception tables in the lobby.

‘’The project really couldn’t have gone any better, and the clients were delighted with the results. This job is such a fantastic example of 3M DI-NOC being the best product to use for an application in an environment like this, as the utilisation of DI-NOC gives our clients that better peace of mind. With DI-NOC being the highest quality product out there and the most robust, you really do have a product you can trust, and a product you know can withstand the wear and tear a high traffic environment like this would endure.’’ Said Lauren.

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Why DI-NOC for hotels?

No mess. No noise. Minimal Disruption. Was another biproduct of this project for Holiday Inn Express Lincoln. HG worked with the client to ensure each room were completed when the room wasn’t booked on that day, and that was literally as disruptive as it got for the hotel!

Traditionally, hotels have turned to more throwback ways of refurbishing, usually going for the ‘rip out and replace’ methods which although have their positives, can also be a very disruptive way of doing things, and the effect it can have on a hotel can be big.

A rip out and replace method means a lot of disruption and also means closure to the hotels themselves in most cases. As mentioned, using architectural film in the way outlined in this case study can take this pain away. The application of these products is so seamless you almost wouldn’t realise a refurbishment was taking place, and it would be over before you knew it. With this method of refurbishment there would be no need to have any full closures, saving stress, time and money, whilst being environmentally conscious as a business.

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This wraps up the Holiday Inn Express Lincoln case study. We hope this project review gives you a good insight into what’s possible with 3M DI-NOC Architectural Film, but if you are left wanting to discover more around this concept in this environment, please do check out the dedicated inspiration page here: https://hgsurface.com/inspiration/hotel-wrapping/.

Have a project in mind where you would like to explore the possibility of Architectural Wrapping? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing us at hello@teamhg.co.uk, or calling us on 01977 651 017.

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